Nov 20, 2013

Dissecting MyBro 4G WiMAX Green Packet DV-235T

I have been wishing to really have on my desk bench the MyBro 4G WiMAX  aka Green Packet DV-235T until then a friend whom I only knew from this blog commenter with the extend of Facebook a guy from Visayas, we chatted rarely and not that much telling about if he has the new SmartBro product whom the Telcos always promoting the "Abot Kaya MyBro" asking him if he has a disconnected device that I wanted to dissect and experiment it. Thankfully few weeks later he offered his disconnected Mybro and donated it to me send via LBC express. Luckily the CPE arrived not long ago that is why I am having it today and posting this screenshots taken by my nephew with his iPhone 5S, I was unfortunate to take the shoots with my Canon Rebel T3 that was included the last September 09 fire crisis here in our beloved City of Flowers.

By the way if you wanted to remove the cover or open up the casing of your MyBro 4G WiMAX wireless modem router Green Packet DV235T, first of all you have to lift the sticker on the left side of it that has named  "my Bro dito na tayo @ home" there are four (4) crossheaded screws for you to be able to see the internal hardware of the CPE worry not because there is no absolutely locks.

On the left photo, here you will see that there is internal antenna for WiFi because of the antenna socket, also equip with bg 802.1 only. The above heatsink that you can see is for the transceiver it has 2Tx 2Rx aka MiMo for thermal dissipation. The MediaTek CPU MT7901 series is protected and covered by metal likewise the wireless LAN section including the system memory. Obviously downside you there is a 12pin header for the console you can also use this for JTAGging the device for special purposes like downloading and uploading the customized firmware by the ISPs.

From the right photo, there are two (2) antenna socket for WiMAX signal its MiMO aka 2Tx 2Rx, the metal covered section is the RF. You can see also the NAND Flash memory of DV235T its 48pin SMD Chips. Next is the power socket it uses 12V 1.5Amp, 1 port of RJ45 for LAN and 1 port of RJ11 for VoIP to be use for analog or traditional telephone aka POTS.

As you can see on the above screenshot its Hynix H27U1G8F2BTR a 1GB NAND Flash memory Chips were the firmware of Mybro DV-235T stored. The IC is a TSOP48 package similar to BM622m and BM623 device made by Huawei only NAND flash memory programmer can read, erase, write or reflashed this SMD Chips. Unfortunately my Minipro TL866CS will not support this type of flash memory although I have TSOP48 IC socket that will fits onto it. Perhaps the Arduino via Linux the firmware can be dump with further research.

Hopefully soon I will be posting the dumpfile of Hynix H27U1G8F2BTR for my guest and blog readers/commenters to be downloaded and examine the possibility to snipped the Administrator account or the root password instead of username and password as "smart" only.


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sir pwede ko po ba iconnect ung isang antenna ng wimax dun sa wifi socket nya? i will be using 1xSMA socket to 1x14dbi extenal antenna and ung isa pang SMA socket balak ko sanang ikabit sa wifi kc parehas lang naman sila ng connection sa board.. thanks

@lloyd windell Aguilar :

pede mo ipag palit lng yung antenna terminal yun nga lng yung WiMAX antenna na MiMO 2Tx 2Rx ay designed tlga sa WiMAX at hindi pra sa WiFI, kung ipag palit mo yung antenna hihina ang WiMAX receive or transmit mo.

yun po bang 2 antenna terminal ng Wimax eh connected? what i mean is kung pwede na 1 antenna socket lang yung lalagyan ko ng antenna, pero 14dbi panel antenna naman po yung ikakabit ko, mas mataas kesa sa 2x 5dbi na nakakabit sa modem.

@lloyd windell Aguilar :

Ang nakikita mong dalawang antenna sa labas ay antenna ng WiMAX at hindi antenna ng WiFi. Ang antenna ng WiMAX ay gumamit ng MiMO technology 2Rx2TX inshort its a 2Transmit & 2Receive, pede mo yan palitan at nasa sayo din iyan. ang antenna ng WiFi ay nasa loob at builit, pede mo din ito ipag palit sa antenna ng WiMAX at nasa syo din kung gusto mo.

sir can you post the blog, on how to reflash dv-235t ?

Hi sr how to open the case of dv235t

@Chill Mafia :

sir can you post the blog, on how to reflash dv-235t ?

#sure no probs, I can only make tutorial plane text with screenshot but not video. I will just make it clearer so that my guest readers will surely understand and able to follow it as simple as 1,2,3.

@Aneal Clarence Haim :

Hehehe, pede mo Bro padala sakin buksan ko lng sayo no probs.

sir paupdate naman ng blog mo how to reflash dv235t . more power sir, TIA.

@deniz delacruz :

PM me na lng Bro 09358849421 FB, pede naman yan via remote sa teamviewer pra di kana mag alala.

sir patulong .mybro din skin dv235t wifi led lang no telnet no gui rin sir..

@Leonardo Manalastas :

repairable yan Bro kahit di na ma access ang GUI o telnet o ssh o http/s , FB 09358849421 PM na lng for mor details

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sir, paano po ba ireemove ang cover ng modem ko greenpacket dv-235t din pro kulay black, wla po kasi akong screws na nakikita.

paano po ba iremove ang casing ng dv-235T greenpacket na kulay black, wla po kasi akong nkikitang screws...

sir maraming salamat dito sa page nyo na.ayus ko rin ang dv ko na 169 ip sya nag IC reset lang ako sa hynix ito kasi ang nagstore firmware diba,,,tapos wala rin akong received packet data kaya dito ko nereset,,,maraming salamat sir sa info dito,,,

sir ask lng po .. ayaw na po ksi mg open ng wimax dv-235T ko .. .green packet .. my magagawa pa po ba dun sir?

@elmer buencibillo :

As long may power ang DV235T may magagawa jan at repairable.

sir papaano po mag ic reset ng hynix?

sir paano ung reset ng hynix? please help 09309590742

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