Nov 26, 2013

How-To MyBro DV-235T Green Packet Firmware Upgrade

First of all I would like to thanks Joker a friend from Visayas the person who donated me this myBro 4G WiMAX wireless modem router which is equip with WLAN unlike the Huawei CPEs that don't have. The "myBro wireless home broadband Dito tayo @ home" is the new product of   SmartBro that has been reBranded to myBro and uses Green Packet of Malaysia CPEs such as DV235T for indoor unit, OX230 for outdoor unit and the U series shuttle UH235 MiFi  portable modem.

If you have subscribed the promo of My Bro Abot Kaya 499 from PLDT and Smart recently then you probably will be so lucky and you will have also this device the myBro DV235T on your desk now. But unfortunately if you wanted to tweak this 4G wireless modem make some changes on the configuration such as port forwarding or fun of torrenting that needs administrator rights then you will be in trouble because the firmware is customized by Smart ISP. Inshort all subscriber of the Smart Telcos has limited access to their 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem. You have to used the myBro DV235T as it is because no one ever leak the root username password or the admin username password, the only alternative is to upgrade this CPE with the Green Packet firmware v2.10.14-g1.0.4-gp to gain the administrative privileges.

So here's how-to Do-It-Yourself, first open any web browser and point to which is the default web graphical user interface (gui) IP address. Login with the default username and password as "smart" without quote.

After you have login navigate to the Menu Management then click the sub-menu Upgrade browse or locate were the Green Packet firmware you have saved and upload it on to the myBro DV235T CPE.

Upon clicking the Upload button the myBro Green Packet DV235T will show up a progress bar it will indicate that the firmware is being written wait until it finish. The CPE will reboot automatically in 60 seconds you will be prompted again with login page.

You will notice now the login page is no longer the myBro logo instead it is the greenpacket already which is the factory default firmware, another this is the default IP address for the web gui its and no longer so if set your PC as static IP address you must change it to DHCP otherwise you will be able to access the DV235T.

To be able to login the Green Packet DV235T after upgrading the firmware, the username and password is still "smart" as of the moment since we didn't save it yet permanently to the NAND flash memory Hynix H27U1G8F2BTR. Next navigate to Management menu, go to Recovery sub-menu and then  click Factory Default to make the firmware changes permanently.

The modem will then reboot automatically in 60 seconds again, you can now login with the default username and password as "admin" likewise when using the command line interface (cli) via telnet or ssh. The changes of tweaking the the myBro DV235T is now 101% possible, not only that even changing the MAC address of this CPE is even more applicable. Additionally you will now have the full access and full control of your 4G WiMAX wireless modem router with limitless privileges.

If you have you this kind of 4G WiMAX CPE in you and have doubt or hesitant to do so, feel free to comment just leave your message I will answer your queries. Enjoy!


pahingi po ng 0.4 firmware sir.

ty sir

pahingi po ng 0.4 firmware sir.

@MaganRomel :
@Joriel Lucernas :

Mga Bro meron ako stock firmware ng green packet v.0.4 kaso lng raw firmware dumpfile sya magamit lamang sa flasher/programmer gamit ang TSOP48 ito ay di magamit sa GUI. kung meron kayo NAND Flasher pede nyo ito magagamit sa pag update ng myBro DV235T.

boss pa experience ng pocket 0.4 fireware mo.salamat

@ To All:

Sa mga naghahangad ng myBRO DV235T Green Packet stock firmware ver.0.4 pede yan i-remote upgrade kung gisto nyo magkaroon ng firmware yun kung payag kayo.

sir jonathan, aside sa wifi issue wala na bang ibang problema after maupgrade sa 0.5 firmware?

pahingi ng v4 na FW...

dito lang po..

@nynjalee :

eto mga link Bro sana makatulong sa mga katanugan mo.

<a href='"/></a>

<a href=""/></a>

@wewboi :

PM sent to your email @

panu magcompile ng raw dump files sir? :) i have a dump files eh tnx..

@Alfred Drio :

Kung meron kang NAND flasher/programmer pede gamitin pang write directly sa Hynix Chips

sir good day pwede po ba pa remote ko po itong dv235t mybro ko? gustu ko po sana mapalitan ng v.4 na firmware. thanks and more power.

@Chuck Puno :

Oo Bro pede yan kahit disconnected na i-remote upgrade ng stock firmware ver0.4. PM 09358849421

pa tut ako sir jonatha,paano gawin remote upgrade,sa v0.4 firmware,na upgrade ko kase sa email po

@Spylanzer :

Bro PM sent sa email mo paki check na lang.

sir jonathan ako din kanu singil upgrade ko sa 0.4 ung .5 wifi reason kasi

@Devon Ray de los Reyes :

PM me 09358849421

sir Jonathan pede po pahingi ng .4 firmware?

maraming salamat po!

@ben hur ngo :

Di k makita emai ladd mo Bro di kita ma PM.

sir,nakapagpalit na ko ng firmware kaso hindi ko maaccess yung admin account. ano kaya problema ng wimax ko?or meron akong mali sa procedure na ginawa ko?may chance ba na ibalik sa original myBro firmware toh?

pahingi po

@Marvin Castro :

Kahit di mo palitan ang firmware sa Green Packet pede naman yan ma rekon o inshort mahak. 101% pede yan maibalik sa dati Green Packet original firmware at pede rin maibalik sa original Smart/PLDT firmware.

@Mark :

PM sent please check your inbox.

sir my dv235t aq.balak ko sanang e upgrade/downgrade kaso baka kunin ng smart d ko n kc to binabayaran.ang tanong ko kun pwede ko b ibalik sa original firmware kun sakali pano po gawin un.salamat

sir pano ko irereconect un dv 235 ko.hindi ko p nai-downgrade/upgrade.kakadisconect lng kasi nito.baka bawiin ng kc ng smart kaya d ko muna downgrade

@eidref gnaliuq :

Ang myBRO DV235T ng Green Packet kahit di i-upgrade/update/downgrade pede i-rekon ko syo PM me kung paano. Pede ibalik yung Smart/PLDT firmware at pede din Green Packet firmware vice versa walang problema. At baka magtanong ka kung pede sa Globe ang sagot, oo. 101% working sa Globe at Wi-Tribe, P1 at DigiCEL.

rekon vie telnet or TeamViewer, update/upgrade/downgrade

inupgrade ko firmware ko pero ayaw gumana ng admin accounts sa login at password

@Ronalyn Cruz :

Download ng Teamviewer at install ka ng Teamviewer pra matulungan kita.

pahingi po ng 0.4 firmware sir.salamat

@RJ Franc :

PM sent to your email address please check your inbox.

Hi po ! Pwd ko po b i hack ung modem ko khit active p sa smart? Kasi bka once i-hack ko d n sya magconnect. Pahingi ndn po ko ng firmware .04 ung pang upload sa GUI. Sira pc nmin kya i-try ko nlng sa tab.

bro jonathan...baka pwede maka hingi ng RAW Dump Files
kailangan ko kasi para sa EX-230 ko at isang DV235T ko
salamat ng marami !

bro jonathan...baka pwede maka hingi ng RAW Dump Files
kailangan ko kasi para sa EX-230 ko at isang DV235T ko
salamat ng marami !

sir may ibang pa bang way para ma upgrade ko yung ox230 ko kasi mali yung firmware na nailagay ko hindi na tuloy ko makalog in sa gui nag corruft na yung firmware may paraan pa ba help sir :( eto po email ko

@sparkle_mermaid :

Pede, dapat sa PC mo gawin wag sa tablet.

@swenson :

una sa lahat ano flasher ang gamit mo?

@mite cruz :

PM send to your email address pls check your inbox

patulong po..pano po gagawin di ako maka log in sa user interface ko,, ung mybro wimax ko na dv 235t naka plan po ako ng 999,,,help po po email ko.

Hello sir Jonathan, i hope your still active here

@ ron sev :

just download then the firmware then upload reflash it you will be able to access you DV235.

@Ledoy Mendoza :

yes still alive Bro. just leave your message.


Sir, saan po makakapag download ng firmware? thanks po.

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