Oct 30, 2013

Progskeet 1.2 Testing Nand/Nor PS3

After a long while with progskeet 1.2 and trying to dump a NAND YLOD PS3, I can confirm that Progskeet 1.2 is completely working for NAND ps3's ..

Yesterday at D3M irc .. I talked with sir bailey and though it would be useful to make a detailed thread about what I did..

Setting up before using anything..
  1. Install progskeet 1.2 drivers for windows xp "drivers_winusb_111121"
  2. Install injectus drivers that comes with "InfectusProgrammer-"
  3. Pogram the progskeet 1.2 with the newest bitstream "130415_2019 (NAND) & 130412_1647 (NOR)" the NAND one.
  4. Download the newest winskeet "WinSkeet40000_130425_2056 for 1.2"
Now I had everything set up and I was ready to test :D

After testing on a TSOP-48 DIP adapter i had notice the NAND would be only recognized when connecting pin 12 on a 3.3v pin on skeet and pin 13 on ground from one side of the nand .. the other side of the nand wich has pin 37 3.3v and pin 36 GND must be connected to another "3.3v and GND" points on progskeet !

Then and only then the progskeet 1.2 would recognize my Samsung K9F1G08U0A-PIB0 chip as ECF1801540 when clicking AUTO button on winskeet.

Using TSOP48 socket for NAND/NOR Chips jumpered to Progskeet 1.2

Flashing and Dumping with correct chip ID, NOR tested. @ DigiProg , Helpful tips for NAND setup to be noted as follows:

- zif socket TSOP48 with awg30 wires
- Vcc and Gnd taken from ProgSkeet 1.2
- Short and shielded flat 15-pin cable
- Short usb cable
- R7 closed and R8 open as default
- Bitstream 1223 or 2019 (2019 is a little bit faster, about 5/6 seconds, almost identical)
- Winskeet, latest stable release, v111205

Samsung K9F1G08U0A-PIB0 is recognized as ECF1801540 Samsung, while Samsung K9F1G08U0B-PIB0 is recognized as ECF1009540 Samsung.


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