Jan 15, 2014

CompuApps OnBelay 2.0

Powerful solution for Data Backup, Data Recovery & Formatting for Flash Media.
CompuApps Inc., leader in Data Management solutions, is the pioneers of Flash media maintenance and recovery tools. Our new, improved version OnBelay V2 further strengthens the capabilities of the retrieving valuable data from the Flash media.

What's New in OnBelay V2?

New and improved support for enhanced recovery technologies for FAT and FAT32 File systems.

Inside Info Never before known information about your digital photographs. This information provides details on when the picture was taken, the Model and Make of the Digital Camera used, etc.

Product Description:

CompuApps, Inc is pleased to announce the release of OnBelay V2, a revolutionary recovery solution.

OnBelay V2 features innovative media recovery algorithms & advanced digital media recovery technology. We use patent pending algorithms to dig deep into the media to recover lost files.

CompuApps OnBelay V2 (Digital Photo and Data files Recovery Edition with Backup, Restore and Format options) is useful for Photographers, News agencies, Journalists, Security Specialists, Physicians, Corporations or individuals who use a Digital Camera or Camcorder, Notebook, Palmtop, PDA, Cellular phone, Digital Recorder, Portable Medical Equipment, Data Logger etc.

12 Solutions in 1 Product:
  • Backup
  • Duplicate
  • Digital Image Recovery
  • Professional RAW Digital Image Recovery
  • Digital Movie/Video Recovery
  • Digital Audio Recovery
  • Digital Data Recovery
  • Formatting*
  • Low-level recovery for SmartMedia, xD and Memory Stick*
  • Low-level backup for SmartMedia, xD and Memory Stick*
  • Low-level formatting for SmartMedia, xD and Memory Stick*
  • Panoramic Mode formatting support for SmartMedia*
* Requires CompuApps Recovery Pro V2 or any supported devices.

Safe And Easy: OnBelay can backup, duplicate, recover files & format Cards from many types of flash media that have been lost due to system or battery failure, format or deletion or corruption caused by hardware or software malfunction.

OnBelay for everyone: OnBelay is simple to use (designed for novice and expert) and can help recover your data using just a few clicks.

Risk Free: CompuApps OnBelay V2 (Digital Photo and Data files Recovery Edition with Backup, Restore and Format options) is risk free since it does not modify or write back to recovery media; it rescues your data and writes to a different location specified.

Download CompuApps OnBelay 2.0 here


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