Jun 17, 2013

SmartBro Motorola Canopy Subscriber Module Hardreset

This tutorial for SmartBro Motorola Canopy Subscriber Module Hardreset is intended not only to those of my blog readers who requested it but also to those Netizens that needs help and having hard time on accessing their fixed wireless broadband antenna.

First of all if you are planning to hardreset your SmartBro Motorola Canopy Subscriber Module fixed wireless broadband antenna it must be on your desk otherwise you won't be able to do so since only Ethernet port is connected to your PC.

GPS Sync / Console port pin assignment
pin 1 - GPS sync
pin 2 - Serial Tx 9600
pin 3 - Serial Rx 9600
pin 4 - Default Jumper
pin 5 - Audio/GPS Power sync
pin 6 - Ground
To make more life easier on acquiring the Motorola Canopy override plug we will use a Register Jack (RJ) or Modular Connector such as 4P4C, 6P4C  or 6P6C (six-pin/position six-conductor).

As you have notice in this article I did NOT used the word/term RJ11, RJ12, RJ13, RJ14 (wikipedia) etc. so that my readers will not be confused with RJ45 which is usually used on Ethernet cable for networking and can not be used for this purposes otherwise if you are a Telco staff you have a good comprehension on technical stuff.

I highly suggest to used 6P6C modular connector/Register Jack for simplicity and a piece of 1ft. wire will do insert one end to Pin#4 and other end to Pin#6 then crimped it. I know buying 6P6C connector on electronic shop is very difficult to find for this stuff unless you are working on a Telco company.

The option is to used 4P4C connector this kind of Register Jack is often used at home, in your office, or anywhere as long as there is a telephone set you can find this modular connector with flat cable crimped together.  Once you have it cut the telephone cord into two (2) just use the half end, uninsulate the flat cable wire only Pin#3 you will need and ground it to the body of  6P6C female connector the GPS/Console port.

Another alternative to hard reset your Canopy is a piece of wire from your Cat5 Ethernet cable or a paper clip will do to over ride, jumper the Pin#4 and Pin#6 onto the female port as shown on the screenshot below or just point&stick Pin#6 to ground or to negative.

The above mention are just few technique and options on how-to fabricate or acquire the over ride plug for SmartBro Motorola Canopy SM fixed wireless broadband antenna. Once you have decide which to be used you can now power ON your Canopy and make sure you have configure your PC as static IP address in range to because this will be your Canopy AP web graphical user interface default address on hardreset state.

Motorola Canopy SM (Subscriber Module) Documentation download pdf here

Hopefully once you open your favorite browser to you will be seeing the login page of your Canopy Subscriber Module, the username will be root with blank or no password at all. You may change your password now as you desired, change setting as you wish then save it. Remove the jumper/override plug then power cycle the module it will reboot now. That's all.


kuya please help, nka on ba ung canopy or patay talaga?? akin kac gnawa. nka power on ang internet ko.. at wlang nanyare

@ koko molong :

Bro short muna yung pins tapos plugged ang AC/DC adaptor pra sa PoE then point browser to then Login.

@ koko molong :

Bro hard reset lng alam ko, kung ka area sana kita pede kita mapuntahan. eto ang link kung paano hard reset bro.


pre pwede ka bang mag service sa bahay q.speedup mo un connection q pls.ty 09303536649


@jhay hagos :

Sorry Bro di ako naghome service, kung may ibang net ka sa wifi o sa usb stick pede ko yan sayo ma repair via remote sa teamviewer anytime anywhere.

sir good eve, i'm affected by FUP ng mybro, bigla xa bumagal now nsa .20mbps nalang speedtest ko. can you try to fix this one? please txt me 09466645496.tnx...

kuya baka pwede magupload ka ng full and over all tutorial kung pano e hard reset thanks asap..

pa speed up nmn via tviewer pm mo ako sa fb regalabryan@yahoo.com thankz

@ Angelo Bryan buffe :

Solution Jan bro lipat ka ng network na slang fup

@ Jeremy latupan :

Bro pakiread LNG hung tut tama nman ang procedure

@bryan regala :

Bro ang speedup ng smartbro sa antenna dpat nka 7aggregate ka bro

sir pa help nman ako dko maaccess cannopy ko ee

pano yung sa naaaccess ko yung canopy site ko pero binablock ako ng portal ng my bro

@rani :

Basahin maegi ang Tutorial para maaccess mo ang Canopy mo.

@Vergie Cruz :

Kung hardreset ka walang blocking sa portal.

tol may canopy ako d2 nakuha ko sa tita ko panu ko malalaman kung gumagana pa saka i rereconnect ko sana pre

09169859562 paki txt ako pre pag pwede ka

boos meron akong 2 canopy dto pareho syang disconnected na,
marunong po b kayong mag reconnect nito
txt mo n lng po ako, eto po number ko 09486688030

bossing may motorola DUSAL5.7GHZ ako pwedi ko ba to gamitin as router antenna?

Hi, pahelp po. My problema po kc yung smartbro canopy unit namin. Yung power adapter or ac adapter na led light ay orange na imbes na green. Nakaindicate nmn sa phone namin na malakas ang signal at connectio ng smartbro kaso hindi kami makapagnet. Ilang beses ng tinatawagan ang smart, panay sabi na pupuntahan ng technician kaso wala paring umaayos. Ayaw namang pumayag ng smart na ipadisconnect yung plan namin at inoofferan pa ng migration sa bagong product nila. Tanong ko lang, yung ac adapter ba ng canopy ang sira nito? Pwede ba tong mareplace ng bagong power adapter not provided by smart? Salamat po sa sasagot.

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