Jul 1, 2013

CD-R KING CW-5354U Tomato Dual WAN over heat

The CW-5354U is low cost wireless router from Cath-Tec Technologies repainted by CD-R King in the Philippines for SOHO and residential gateway. This cheap device is only 40$ less but full of features.

What I like about CW-5354U is that is it fully supported by third party Linux firmware such DD-Wrt, Tomato Shibby, TomatoUSB likewise OpenWrt. Another interesting features is that it can provide as Load Balancing if re-flashed properly, not only that but also as Dual WAN if you desired to use USB dongled 3G modem plus Ethernet WAN such as PPPoE via DSL dynamic or static IP address. Both WAN port and LAN port1 is also an alternative if you have two 4G WiMAX connection from Globe or Ethernet connection from PLDT, Digitel, BayanTel.

Additionally, it can served as Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances if the USB port is plug with any USB device storage. Attaching USB Hub is really the best for multiple devices for more USB ports therein it can act as printer server.

The most interesting application for those who are hunger for downloading HD movies is the BitTorrent client without opening your PC/Laptop 24hours this rugged fanless Broadcom BMC5354U chipset, supported with 32MB of DDR RAM and 16MB of flash memory can perfectly handled it 24/7 360.

Increasing the coverage of WiFi and range what I did is I replaced the default detachable antenna with 12dB high gain, to anticipate the heat of the chipset I added headsink taken from old motherboard, you can also use the heatsink of video card it has perfectly same in size.


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