Jul 6, 2013

PLDT Smart 4G WiMAX MyBro Abot Kaya 499 Promo fixed wireless broadband

One of the hottest 4G WiMAX fixed wireless home broadband today is My Bro Abot Kaya 499 from PLDT and Smart. It’s in line with Smartbro’s products and internet services of WiMAX pocket modem and PLDT’s Home services. For just 499 per month, you can have fast internet browsing and surfing with a speed up to 1Mbps. I made a review about this fresh WiMAX product.

My Bro 499 Wireless Home Broadband Review

When I went to Smart Service Center recently, I noticed a lot of people were inquiring about the new WiMAX pocket modem – My Bro 499. While on queue waiting for my number to be called, I noticed majority of the interested users were kids, grade schoolers, tagged along their moms and dads asking about Mybro 499 abot kaya (affordable in English). I noticed too that after the Smart employee discussed the product’s features, some of the customers ended up with the Plan 999 Smartbro Canopy product. Ironic because I was there to close my contract with that Plan 999 and there were some customers too who were there complaining about the intermittent internet connection of SmartBro Canopy. Hands down with SmartBro Motorola Canopy SM fixed wireless internet broadband, it was really fast especially with my first 2 years of using it. It was strange though it was too slow recently with effect of FUP aka the "fair usage policy" implementation by the telco so I decided to end the deal.

My Bro 499 Promo offers a 4G WiMAX fixed wireless antenna similar to SmartBro Canopy but lower frequency instead of 5.7GHz it uses 2.3GHz outdor CPE built-in modem on it that’s why it’s called wireless home broadband . It means, internet connection is wireless so signal is not so fixed unlike DSL. My Bro also offers up to 1Mbps speed of up without uncapping capacity monthly – meaning it’s unlimited unlike the Plan 499 512kbps WiMAX pocket modem.You can also attached your WiFi router but the bandwidth will also be shared among the devices connected therefore the speed will vary accordingly, for an average user it’s really recommended who research and surf the web, do emails, Facebook, chat and watch online video's but this is not recommended for heavy downloader. If you are a heavy internet user, the Plan 1299 which has up to 2Mbps speed is right for you or go for the faster speed like PLDT Fibr which uses fiber optic network and connection capable of fast and stable internet connection.

This the PLDT Smart myBro 4G WiMAX CPE supplied by GreenPacket Technology Malaysia, there three (3) models for outdoor unit the OX230/250 and the OX330. The fixed wireless broadband modem router is identical to Huawei Technologies that is being supplied to Globe Telecom such as BM622, BM622i, BM622m they are using same license radio frequency but allocated to 2.3GHz while other 2.5GHz.

You can navigate and check your myBro CPE graphical user interface (gui) by pointing your web browser to if you want to fine tune or configure the setting with the default username and password as "smart" without quote. Take note account for smart username and password has only limited privileged unlike the Administrator you can view everything, portforwarding, QoS setting, signal setting etc. Likewise to get access with the CLI vis telnet same username and password will do except for root.


pano po maaccess admin account ng wimax outdoor?

Supported ba Port Forwarding?

Supported ba Port Forwarding?

@ Cyrus Labios :

pano po maaccess admin account ng wimax outdoor?

# di ko pa na dump ang firmware ng chip sa raw, update ko lng ang post kung madump ko via hardware.

@ Dwirrel Agor :

Supported ba Port Forwarding?

# yes supported dahil meron ako WiMAX modem from Green Packet Technology gamit ng P1.

Meron bang pang DV235t mybro admin login id at pass?

@Bryan Catungal :

Sa pagka alam ko Bro ang MyBro 4G WiMAX DV235T walang password sa admin bagkos ang Adminstrator account ay root at may password ito pra magalaw mo full features ng CPE, pede mo din palitan ang MAC Address nito bka maging McDo na naman ito Bro.

Yung application ko po paid n po ako ng 499 sabi 48hrs pero hangang ngayun po wala p dn wimax.bakit po ganun service bagal

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