Nov 12, 2013

SmartBro : How-To Setup Wireless Router with MyBro Green Packet OX230

I intend to write this article to help my guest blog reader/s and commenter/s to help them setup their SmartBro 4G WiMAX wireless broadband internet connection to extend wirelessly. The new product of SmartBro that is being reBranded to MyBro that uses Green Packet Technology from Malaysia CPEs such as DV235T for indoor and OX230 for outdoor unit with license frequency 2.3GHz. Whereas SmartBro Motorola Canopy antenna is a fixed wireless broadband internet connection obtain license frequency 5.7GHz LOS that soon to end of its life by Smart Telcos.

The OX230 is an outdoor unit built-in with antenna similar to Motorola Canopy except it is a 4G WiMAX wireless modem also serves as a router but lack of wireless LAN aka WiFi. It is not equip with VoIP port so there is no way of plugging in your POTS unlike the Huawei 4G WiMAX devices. It has only one (1) RJ45 port where you can plug your PC/Lappy likewise where the power inline to the cable with the use of PoE, this device that can be extended up to  90-100meters as long as there is conduit.

Here we go, the above screenshot of my battery operated portable wireless router  from TP-Link MR3040 it has a Standard AP (access point) this is the simplest aka Plug&Play, the easiest way to extend the MyBro OX230 with headache. If you don not have this kind of device that is capable as Standard AP then do not bother. Will take what is available in our garage, CD-R King WR-NET-018-CC this is the cheapest wireless router that we Pinoy loves to buy.

The second screenshot is CD-R King WR-NET-018-CC similar to the TP-Link they are both a wireless router, MR3040 has four operation mode while the WR-NET-018-CC don't have the other capabilities as the first one have more features.

What we do to make the  CD-R King WR-NET-018-CC act just like the Standard AP (MR3040), first we will be going to disable the DHCP Server mode likewise its no longer serves as a router but as a Standard Wireless Access Point only. Now we are going to plug the MyBro OX230 to any LAN port from 1-4 instead onto the WAN port. Automatically the CPE OX230 now will serves as the DHCP server any device will connect to CD-R King it will gives an IP address from to 254.

On the other hand, if you wan to make the CD-R King WR-NET-018-CC (or any wireless router) act as wireless router AP that will works also with MyBro Green Packet OX230 still its possible. First you have to enable the DHCP Server mode, then plug the OX230 to WAN port. The Cons is that since OX230 has an IP address of or has 253 host it will consume time routing the packets. Second on the other part of CD-R King wireless router that has also another IP address of likewise has 253 host it will another consume additonal routing to the packets will prolong.

If you have any comment about your MyBro Abot Kaya internet having the same issue on extending your connection wirelessly feel free to leave message.


Sir, I have some questions. My home network consist of Pldt DSL going into a Linksys WRT54G router then my PC is connected on one of the 4 lan port while other devices connects via WIFI. I recently bought a Mybro DV235t and as I understand, it has its own wifi. My questions are:

1. If i connect the DV235t into the WAN port of the Linksys and both DV235t and Linksys are transmitting WIFI, will it slow down the devices using the Wifi?

2. Can I disable the Wifi of the DV235t and just use the Linksys router to provide wifi? I cannot use the Linksys as access point like in your article because I connect my PC thru Lan port (PC don't have wireless device).

3. Will it damage the DV235t or Linksys if both of them are providing wifi?

@ Alberto Cuenca :

I suggest you to disable your myBRO DV235T WiFi ( this will serve as your modem& router only) then your linksys will now server as an Access Point (AP) only. On your linksys setting disable your dhcp server no need to change any IP address just DISABLE the DHCP server. Next plug you myBRO DV235T lan cable to the LAN port of your Linksys wireless router make sure you plug it on the LAN port and NOT on the WAN port. summary, your myBRO is your modem router and your linksys is JUST an Access Point (AP) hope you get it right.

sir di na po ba need mg clone ng MAC address parin gwin ung above steps na sinasabi nyo? and if off ko po ung DHCP ng router ko mkkpg connect pa ba ung pc ko thru using lan? kc po i tried no internet connectivity sya eh.. belkin n300 po pla gmit ko router

@Louis Karlo Cabigting :

Kung SmartBro Canopy ang gamit mo dapat i-clone mo ang MAC address para maka browse ka sa net.

Sir jonathan narereconnect paba ang Smart Canopy?Bka pde nyo ako bgyan ng TUT...Salamat..

@Stephen :

PM mo na lang ako pra sa karagdagan info FB 09358849421

Na PM na kita sir jonathan...

sir meron po ba kayo tuts pra sa ox230 kng pano mag create ng admin acct.??

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