Nov 3, 2013

Understanding How Cloud Computing Works

The Internet has changed the way we communicate and brought a paradigm shift in the way information travels around the world. In the past, nature of the Internet was that of a repository of information or a gigantic library with global open access. Now the Internet is taking the next step in evolution with cloud computing.

Cloud Computing In a Nutshell

Cloud computing is the provision of all computing resources through the medium of the Internet. It is about taking the client server architecture to an extreme, in terms of scaling and resource sharing. A computer or any mobile device connected to a cloud network will have all its data, along with all the processing programs hosted on a remote server farm.

It will access data and use the resources on the cloud servers, from any terminal connected to them. Just like power is supplied to any region in a power grid, according to demand, so are the resources allocated to terminals in a cloud, based on demand. The 'cloud' in cloud computing essentially stands for the Internet.

Instead of installing programs on your own computer, you can access the same programs as web service applications that are made accessible via a web browser. So, any user can access and save his work or data on the cloud computing server. This provides users with the freedom to access their work from any terminal they choose to work on, which can make a remote connection with the cloud.

Cloud computing became a reality because of the increasing high speed connectivity provided by the Internet to remote locations. The power of Internet connectivity has been harnessed to share resources on a cloud. Google and Amazon are some of the main players in this business and they are aggressively promoting this concept across the globe.


There are several applications of cloud computing. Private clouds grant limited access to a private network of computers. Amazon and Google have set up cloud services for private use. The reason for the popularity of cloud computing network is the economics of it. Instead of purchasing proprietary software and bearing the cost of maintenance, companies can save the cost involved by opting for a cloud service instead.

Cloud is thus the next step in evolution of computing and the Internet where its power is being harnessed not to just share information, but also services. The software development technology that has made this software resource sharing possible is the concept of an 'Application Programming Interface' that makes interaction between programs from different platforms possible.

You have already seen the power of cloud computing if you have used Google Docs feature. It is a way of making optimum use of resources. Many companies are preferring a cloud solution, as it reduces costs and provides the most optimized computing solution. With time, private clouds will be the preferred mode of resource sharing for most businesses around the world.


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