Dec 14, 2013

Where To Download Alcor Tools To Fix Fake USB Flash Drives

Recently SOSFakeFlash put out a call to people who managed to reprogramme a fake flash drive purchased from eBay. See Did You Manage to Reprogramme a Fake Flash Drive Bought on eBay? Contributions are starting to arrive. To determine your chip set see Repairing Counterfeit Flash Drives

carlton has contributed detailed information for Flash drives identified as having an Alcor Controller chip and the software files to assist you.

carlton October 30, 2008 at 23:56.

Where to download Alcor tools to fix fake USB flash drives


1. Download & install

Alcor UFD Manufacture Programm (AU9386 V1.10)
To identify proper VID & PID (bottom left corner)

2. Download AlcorMP (080829) AU6981/AU6983/AU6986


one of the other AlcorMP versions, according to your chipset.

3. Install Proper VID & PID with LoadDriver.exe

4. Low Level Format with AlcorMP.exe

Try each AlcorMP version until one recognizes your drive

Here is the drive that Carlton repaired:
My Results

Alcor au6983hl
memory is identical to
VID 058F
PID 9381

16GB faulty drive becomes 4GB good drive
Carlton, rescued his drive from being a 16GB Frankenflash. It is now a good drive at it’s true capacity of 4GB.

Entire Alcor shared directory:

Link to each file:

Alternate download location, all above files in one RAR



We all thank Carlton for his efforts to assist other victims of fake flash who have determined they have an alcor based controller in their flash drive.

Note: in using any tools that do low level formats or reprogramming, there is always a risk of losing the drive. It is very important to be sure your drive has an alcor controller – using the wrong software can result in the drive becoming unusable. So proceed with care on your rescue mission. You should consider rescue if you are unable to reclaim your money from a fake flash seller.

If you have suffered a triple cheat:

1. victimized by an eBay fake flash seller
2. victimized by eBay refusing to listen to your cries of fake flash suffering and data loss – refusing to do anything against the seller or and assist you in reclaiming your hard earned money
3. victmized by Robotic PayPal determined to out do both Fake Flash Seller and eBay in making your life a misery and keeping your money

This is a consolation option you have to rescue an alcor controller based usb flash drive fake.
You may wish to keep track of the time you spent trying to save the drive and inflict the same amount of time and misery on all three victimzers – by contacting others who bought the same drive as you did. You will do good deeds: warning others as you wished you had been warned, increasing the army of fake flash victims marching to eBay and PayPal and finally allowing other flash drives to become their true capacity.
If you have been fully refunded by PayPal and you have been asked to destroy the drive as a condition of refund, you are obliged to do so if you accepted the refund. In that case send the counterfeit drive to fake flash heaven or send it to the local police with details to increase awareness on the fake flash situation. It is amazing that so few know about it – most find out only when they discover they have become a victim of fake flash and the resulting data loss.

Via SoSFakeFlash


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