Jan 15, 2014

How to: extract firmware of your player using the S1fwx tool

Here are the instructions on how to extract the firmware of your MP3/MP4 player using the S1fwx tool.

Note: This is NOT fully supported for 9.x.x firmwares as it is not able to extract your firmware fully. Please make sure your player's firmware version is 3.x.x for this to work properly.

The S1fwx tool can be downloaded here. This will only work for ACTIONS chipset players (ones that play .AMV video files).

1. Connect the player to your computer with the USB cable. Make sure your computer detects the player and a drive letter is allocated to your player from My Computer.

2. Download the S1fwx tool here. There is no installation required, just extract it to a folder.

3. Go the the folder that you extracted the S1fwx files.

4. Double click on the "extract.bat" file.

5. Press [enter] to let the software scan for your drive.

6. You will see the following screen below. Check the line that says "detected drives" and confirm that it's the same drive as your MPx player.

7. Press the drive letter that corresponds to your MPx player that is detected by the program. In this example, it's letter

8. After you press the drive letter of your player, you will see th following screen:

9. The S1fwx program will now read the flash:

10. Once the S1fwx program finishes extracting the firmware, you will see the following:

Press the [enter] button to close it.

11. Then the "unsafe removal of device" message comes up.

Press the [OK] button.

12. Go back to the folder that the S1fwx program is stored and you will now see a "dump.bin"
file stored there.

13. Now run the "repair.bat" file to prepare the file so it can be uploaded back into your player.

NOTE: If you do not run the "repair" on the your "dump.bin" file after extracting it using the S1fwx tool, then you will get ERRORS when trying to upload it to your player.

14. Go back to the folder that the S1fwx program is stored and you will now see another new file, "dump.bi$". The "dump.bi$" file was the original "dump.bin" file from step #12. The NEW "dump.bin" file is now repaired and ready to be modified and uploaded back into your player.

15. This new dump.bin is the backup of the firmware for your player, so keep it in a safe place. The dump.bi$ is not needed.

16. Once you have extracted your firmware, you can read this Knowledge Base - How to: Modify your firmware using s1res tool to modify the firmware with your own images.


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