Feb 14, 2014


Fanbox.com is a free-access social networking website that is operated and privately owned by SMS.ac, Inc. The site offers services where users can chat, find new & old friends, back up files in a virtual desktop and share them with other users, use and create application and games. However, the site has been getting mostly negative reviews from blog sites and the end users, who often complain of receiving too many emails from the site. So fanbox stepped up to the plate and changed the user options. Now the user has control over what emails are sent or received and even have a option to opt-out of fanbox emailing anyone in their existing social network.

According to Quantcast fanbox has a estimated monthy traffic of 3.5 million people per month and 22.8 million visits per month on its site within the US. Their findings show that the site appeals more to a male audience and comes in at 375th in their US site rankings. - wikipedia

Fanbox is social blogging platform where you can earn by sharing picture,blog post and video.In this site you can add friend and fans and also invite friend to join this.This is only platform where you can write copy paste article from others blogs .When others read your post you'll get paid.

When i first join this site i didn't get enough money so i thought i am not a good writer to earn money with fanbox but i saw that there are many other way to earn like sharing photo,categorize and rating other post,launching ads etc.

Now i am earning quite impressively its really a great site for easy income.

Fanbox Legit or Scam ?

From the BBB report:
"Consumer complaints allege charges appearing on their cell phone bills for services that they did not authorize and/or were unaware of. Some consumers state that they receive a text message stating they will be charge $9.95 unless they type "stop" and reply. Some consumers are still charged even if they follow these instructions. Consumers that contact the company directly for refund of services state they have difficulty obtaining any refund. Additionally consumers allege that the company is sending out text messages to individuals in their address book making the text appear to be from them and not a company. The text indicates that the individual has sent you a slide show to view. When recipients attempt to view the slide show they are unaware that they are signing up for a service. Many consumers don't understand what service they are being billed for. The BBB attempted to contact the business regarding the pattern of complaints, but the business did not respond to the BBB's attempts."
About SMS.ac

SMS.ac Inc. is a mobile data and Internet communications company based in San Diego, California. The company (and its spinoff subsidiary FanBox) has been widely criticized for charging unrequested SMS services from consumers and for failing to respond to the complaints of users and for FanBox's e-mail activities. The company provides distribution and billing to people buying and selling digital content (video, music, and applications) through (SMS) mobile services[citation needed] and web-based applications. SMS.ac's website integrates its mobile billing technology with various social networking services like photos, videos, music, and comments. SMS.ac claims over 50 million registered users in more than 180 countries.


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