Feb 5, 2014

From Cebu to Bohol Sea Fast Ferries

Backpackers frequent ask question on how-to get there in to Bohol if they are at Cebu city? Well, the answer could be either Supercat, Weesam, Oceanjet and Starcraft. These four big names fastcraft are enough to answer that question, that literally means that you can ride in a fast ferry.

I don’t know… maybe talking about this would give my readers an insight what fast ferry to take if they are planning to go to Bohol. I am no tourist but I can give a review of these fast ferries.


RATE (promo): PhP 500.00 (one way) / PhP 300.00 (return trip) – PhP 25.00 Cebu terminal fee & PhP 11.25 Tagbilaran terminal fee

You go to Cebu Pier 4 to take this ship. Supercat takes 3 trips daily from Cebu to Tagbilaran (vice versa). You can check the schedule in their website: http://www.supercat.com.ph/sched.asp?route=68#dtn Estimated Travel Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

COMMENT: This vessel had a lot of cancellation trips. I have my own share of frustration about their trip being cancelled. Also, this ship is late most of the time. My friend sometimes quote this vessel as Super Dog instead of Supercat… Super Dog… as in Super Dogay. LOL Well, past is past and I do not intend to pour out my frustrations. The accommodation is nice for their rate. The passengers are not crowded. You can relax pretty well inside the ferry. And I like their TV inside, the crew seems to be friendly.

Weesam Express

RATE (promo): PhP 500.00 (one way) / PhP 100.00 (return trip within 3 days) / PhP 200.00 (return trip within 4 – 7 days) / PhP 300.00 (return trip within 8 -15 days) – PhP 25.00 Cebu terminal fee & PhP 11.25 Tagbilaran terminal fee

The ship’s docking place is in Cebu Pier 4. Weesam also has 3 trips daily from Cebu City to Tagbilaran City (vice versa). Estimated time of arrival: 1 hour and 45 minutes. For more information, you can call their hotline: Cebu City Ticket Office (032) 412-9562 / 231-7737 ; Tagbilaran City Ticket Office (038) 501-8223

SCHEDULE: Departure Cebu – Tagbilaran: 9AM, 2PM and 6:30PM ; Departure Tagbilaran – Cebu: 7AM, 11:20AM and 4:30PM

COMMENT: Weesam is my favorite fast ferry so far especially now that they are having PhP 600.00 promo. If you are a type of person who prefers to go with less crowded people, this ship is okay. The number of ship’s passenger is moderate. Just don’t let Supercat cancel their trips so their passengers won’t be transferring to Weesam. So far, I did not experience any delays. The TV inside is very old. I don’t like watching their movies. I would prefer to sleep with their level of entertainment. LOL


RATE (promo): Cebu to Tagbilaran & vice versa one-way trip is PhP 500.00. Advanced purchased rates for one way or round trip tickets: ONE (1) day before departure date PhP 400.00 open air accommodation only; TWO (2) days before departure date PhP 500.00; ONE (1) week before departure date PhP 400.00; TWO (2) weeks before departure date PhP 300.00

This ship is found in Cebu Pier 1. It has 5 trips daily from Cebu – Tagbilaran (vice versa). You can check the schedule at their website: http://oceanjet.net/schedule.php?origin=Cebu&destination=Tagbilaran Estimated Arrival Time: 1 hour and 45 minutes

COMMENT: Oceanjet is pretty successful in their promos. Because of their promotions, many people can afford. Because many people can afford, many passengers are waiting in line to get inside the ship. Its very crowded. The seats are pretty small especially in the “open air accommodation”. The TVs inside are fair enough. You can watch the movie if you want. The actual estimated travel time is usually for two hours. Well, I like Oceanjet because it has 5 trips daily which makes Cebu and Tagbilaran more accessible anytime and I like their promotional rates.


Starcraft is the only fast ferry that travels from Cebu City to Tubigon, Bohol and has an estimated arrival time of 45 minutes. This is probably the easiest and most convenient way to reach Bohol. But I live in Tagbilaran City this is the reason why I don’t ride in this ship and I don’t have any comment about this ship. LOL I will try Starcraft sooner…

I have done some research about the ship’s schedules and you can check it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/iloilocity/4992862722/

So that is all for now folks! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading.


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