Feb 14, 2014

How to Permanently Get Rid of Fanbox Spam

Fanbox seems to have a dogged determination to SPAM everyone that has an email address. While some report to have escaped the "love" of fanbox just by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the spam email, most say the relief was only temporary.

Make sure NOT to click any link in the spam mail. Every link (including the "unsubscribe" link) happens to be a link that automatically registers a fanbox account using the victim's email address, and the "click" is also treated as the victim's consent to receive future communication (spam) from fanbox.

Worst case scenario: you may already have an account registered with fanbox -- without your knowledge. Sleazy?

If the email says you owe fanbox money which when paid will entitle you to cash out a larger amount, do not get carried away or feel obliged to pay. It's a SCAM. Read here how fanbox has been scamming people.

The only way to fully and completely get rid of this obstinate spammer is to create a filter to delete all emails that contain the word "fanbox" as soon as they are received at your end. No legitimate company or individual is even remotely likely to use that word for any purpose other than spam. However, facebook might use the words "Fan Box" if you own a website with a facebook Fan Box installed on it. Still, the extra space will make sure such emails pass through the filter.

Here's a tutorial by Kelly on how to create such a filter in Gmail.

Or, you can create a filter to delete all emails from the addresses used by fanbox to spam mankind:


More will be added to the list as they are discovered.


Why though are targets or victims of this insidious spam scam required to jump through hoops in often futile attempts to rid oneself of this fraudulent "service?"

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