Feb 24, 2014

How-To Screen Shot On Any Android SmartPhone

Many of my affiliates ask me how to make screen shot or print screen with their Android smartphones. So today i will share my own experience how to do it, at the same time try it for your own android devices if it works or not. Screen shots or print screen mostly used to save images taken by online streaming or real-time task, like gaming. Some users do this specially in Android games, like the "Flappy Bird" they always want to print screen when ever they got a high score and using this for making reviews or bench marking.

How to Screen Shot Print Screen in Android Phone

Option 1:

1. Long press POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons for 3-4 seconds until you hear the shutter sound. (On-Screen)

2. Screen shot/capture or print screen are saved on Screenshot folder (ex: Cherry Mobile Life) when you plug it your PC or laptop you will see the folder name "Screenshot"

3. Screenshot taken also auto stores via gallery. If screenshot has no image (blank image), Just free some phone memory.

4. Done!

Option 2:

1. Long press and hold down POWER and MENU buttons for 3-4 seconds or

2. Long press and hold down POWER and HOME/BACK button at the same time.

Option 3:

Download this Android app! (Works for Android 2.1 and up)


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