Feb 17, 2014

Kworld Media Player M101

Media Player M101 (M101)

Stand-Alone Media Player for USB Memory Stick, Memory Card and USB HDD.

Digital Entertainment on the Bigger Screen

Setup your Media Player M101 beside your TV in the living room, for better comfort and seating arrangement, and enjoy your digital entertainment conveniently stored in your portable hard disk or USB thumb drive on the bigger screen.

Playback in Multi-Format

Media Player M101 supports digital media playback in multi-formats. For RMVB/RM file, the dock supports streaming up to 1600 KB/s for smooth, uninterrupted entertainment. Media Player M101 transforms your TV into an entertainment center and a digital photo frame.

Supports YPbPr Output at 720p

Just plug any Memory Card/USB storage device into your Media Player M101, playback and enjoy the videos you have collected in maximum resolution of 720p!

Bonus: Format Factory

Instead of looking for converting softwares to download, KWorld has included a bonus software.With Format Factory, you can maximize the use of KWorld Media Player M101.

Kworld Media Player M101 forum discussion, official website specifications, firmware download and manuals.


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