Feb 24, 2014

UNICEF : Appeal for 2.2 billion dollars to help 59 million children

For Syria and the surrounding area calls for $ 835 million to provide life-saving assistance including vaccinations, water and sanitation. Appeal for $ 2.2 billion to provide humanitarian assistance in 2014 to 85 million people, including 59 million children, who face conflicts, natural disasters and other complex emergencies in 50 countries, addressed the UNICEF.

The call "UNICEF Humanitarian Action for Children 2014 'highlights the daily challenges faced by children in humanitarian crises, the support needed to help them survive and prosper and the results can be achieved even in the toughest conditions.

For Syria and the surrounding area, UNICEF calls for 835 million U.S. dollars to provide life-saving assistance including vaccinations, water and sanitation, education, child protection and to support social cohesion and peace building for a more sustainable future.

UNICEF is working to address a wide range of humanitarian crises including malnutrition in the Sahel region, the lack of safe drinking water and adequate sanitation in Yemen, cholera in Haiti, increased attacks on children in Afghanistan, drought in Angola.

The resources of the call will also assist UNICEF to strengthen preparedness for future crises, conflicts or natural disasters and to enable the organization build on the work of 2013, during which achieved the following results:
  • 24.5 million children were vaccinated against measles.
  • 20 million people gained access to clean water and sanitation.
  • 2.7 million children gained access to improved education.
  • 1.9 million children were hospitalized for severe acute malnutrition.
  • 935,000 children have been helped with psychological support.
However, the funding gap in some countries such as Angola, Eritrea, Lesotho and Madagascar-as well as inadequate access to humanitarian aid, insecurity and the difficult operating environment, means that many needs are not covered.


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