Mar 9, 2014

TP-LINK WR740N Ver2.1 OpenWrt Revert To Original Firmware

I have been using my TP-LINK WR740N version 2.1 since 2010 for my mini Lab likewise at home with the third party firmware OpenWrt Backfire Trunk. Just recently I wanted to make a simulation for WDS that TP-Link products for their unique non-Standard bridging protocol that capable of doing two jobs i.e. as a bridge and at same time as a wireless access point (WAP). It took me an hour Googling to find on the net on how-to revert the device to it original TP-Link stock firmware.

First I stumble upon on DD-Wrt forum looking for the simplest way on how-to revert the TL-WR740N version2.1 to its original factory stock firmware and I found this.
I bought two TL-WR740N (Hardware v2.1) then I did the firmware update with the following dd-wrt image in this order:


I was not lucky enough to get my device work from the above mention because my firmware was OpenWrt.

Another nice article I visited written by goughlui with the same TP-LINK TL-WR740N he did also the experiment both DD-Wrt and OpenWrt firmware but he able to managed to revert it to the original TP-Link stock fimware, unfortunately I fail his procedures didn't work for my device.

I headed back to OpenWrt forum and read the TP-Link WR741N/ND since this is just identical to WR740N, when I follow the how-to's I manage to bring back to its original stock firmware. And here's how I did it.

I assume your TP-LINK WR740N version 2.1 is on third party firmware the OpenWrt.

I use putty to login the device via ssh, just follow the command.

cd /tmp


Alternatively if you can not download the stock firmware (wr740nv1_en_3_12_4_up(100910).bin) via wget you can download it to your local drive from official TP-Link website.

Otherwise use the PSCP.EXE utility from your M$ Windows box you can download it from here

PSCP.EXE -scp wr740nv1_en_3_12_4_up(100910).bin root@

The command above will let you send the stock firmware from your local drive that you have downloaded to the TP-Link WR740N OpenWrt third party firmware. Once the file completely uploaded follow the next command below.

cd /tmp

mv wr740nv1_en_3_12_4_up(100910).bin tplink.bin

mtd -r write /tmp/tplink(100910).bin firmware

This is the actual process on the TP-Link WR740N version 2.1

root@OpenWrt:/tmp# mv wr740nv1_en_3_12_4_up(100910).bin tplink.bin
root@OpenWrt:/tmp# mtd -r write /tmp/tplink.bin firmware
Unlocking firmware ...

Writing from /tmp/tplink.bin to firmware ...
Rebooting ...

After the WR740N reboots point your web browser to its default now you will see the login page.

Congratulations! you have just reverted your TP-LINK WR740N version 2.1 to its original stock firmware from OpenWrt without using the serial debricking kit.


Great article!

Could you say what version of openwrt you used on wr740n v2.1?

OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.0

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