Jun 14, 2014

Passive Optical LAN (POL) : The Future LAN

Technology has began a transformation into the new age with passive optical lan. Take your business into the green zone by taking advantage of this modern updated way of replacing the old copper wires with modern fiber optics. Among the industry of upgrades.

As things move so fast that the world cannot keep up with the changing technology, POL makes a progressive attempt at reducing power consumption. First you need to understand this is the most green initiative around. POLwill save in your energy costs providing a very important money saving method for any business. While the cost of power is saved on a day to day basis, there will be a longer lasting effect for the longevity of your equipment. In respect to fiber optics the POL will bring about nearly five times more life that once existed with the old standby copper.

The benefits of the new fiber optic systems will not only be in the longer life they provide but in the speed they are able to add to any older system. In an economy that seems to flounder in an attempt to survive saving money in Capital expense ( CapEX ) and operating costs (OpeX ) are some of the top rated needs for all businesses. One source of money saving potential will come with the amount of heat and power that are eliminated using the POL deployment as opposed to copper wires.

With the technology you are provided the efficient fiber optic connectivity to any and all Ethernet end points. Bringing about a simplified LAN as this system replaces copper infrastructures with its POL. The new installation not only saves on the amount of heat generated and power needed but can save a business in space due to the compact design of the new POL, which in turn will save more money.

Installation of the passive optical lan will simplify your operations to a much easier manageable rate of working by the elimination of the necessary fees charged annually for licensing and service of the traditional system. With this form of passive optical network you receive the simplest, safest and most secure series of possibilities that the market offers at this time.

Passive Optical Lan is tested and a proven technology, more than 1 Million ONT has been shipped and Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) approval lays groundwork for U.S. Department of Defense to immediately begin deployments of Motorola’s proven all optical LAN solution.


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