Jul 23, 2014

How-To Upload myBRO Device Certificate and Private Key

I made this write ups for the request of my guest readers who has having a hard time on uploading their myBRO DV235T device certificate and private key aka the Green Packet 4G wireless broadband WiMAX CPEs. Let me tell you that this WiMAX modem have different flavor, the first firmware release and being loaded by PLDT/Smart Telco were version: v2.10.14-g1.0.6-smart then v2.10.14-g1.0.7-smart and next is v2.10.14-g1.0.8-smart similarly there is also stock firmware of Green Packet which is used by subscriber/s and Netizen who are avid of getting the full access to this device such as the web_update-2_3G-v2.10.14-g1.0.4-gp and the web_update-3_5G-v2.10.14-g.1.0.5-gp all of this said firmwares work for this tutorial.

This guide will help you upload your myBRO DV235T Green Packet 4G WiMAX modem broadband device certificate and private key only via any web browser will do.

First, open any web browser such as Firefox, IE, SeaMonkey or any other similar browser and point to if you are using PLDT/Smart Firmware and if your device is loaded with Green Packet stock firmware.

Once you are login to the graphical user interface (gui) as the above screenshot, navigate your mouse  on the left Main Menu point to WIMAX menu  it will prompt you the sub-menu on Authentication Setting.On the Authentication Mode drop down and select User and Device Authentication. Just leave the below setting that has check/tick.

Next, on the EAP Supplicant just follow the Screenshot above I hope it is very clear to you on how to fill up the following space provided make sure your MAC address the colon (:) is omitted, then upload the device certificate wmx_client_ca.pem  likewise the private key wmx_priv_key.key.

Scrolling down, on the Options Menu please do not forget to untick or uncheck the Ignore Cert Verification and then click the Save button to apply the changes you have done.

Finally, go back to Main Menu, navigate your mouse and point  it to Network menu, then on the WAN sub-menu. Locate the space provided labeled with Clone MAC Address as what the snapshot show you. You can now input your desired MAC Address make it sure that the colon (:) now is not omitted. Again scroll down hit the button Save, your myBRO DV235T 4G WiMAX broadband modem will now reboot in 70 seconds. Login again on the stated IP addresses to your corresponding firmware now you are connected. Enjoy!


Sir, what will happen if you did not uncheck "ignore cert verification"? Also, do you know how to uncap the speed/bandwidth of Smart mybro dv235t? Thanks.

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