Dec 19, 2014


Coraid is High Performance and Low Cost Networked Storage

Coraid is redefining the fundamental economics of storage with Ethernet SAN solutions that provide enterprises of all sizes with flexible, high-performance, scale-out storage ideally suited to dynamic High Performance Computing, video, virtualization and cloud environments. The key is Coraid’s use of the advanced protocol ATA over Ethernet.

Business Benefits
  • Large amounts of shared storage at low prices.
  • Better performance than traditional storage technology.
  • Especially good for storing video and deploying Virtual Desktop Environments.
  • Over 1300 Satisfied Customers of Coraid including Ford and Disney.
  • New storage access technology means lower price and higher performance with better reliability.
Technical Features and Benefits
  • 5-8x Price/Performance advantage over Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage arrays.
  • CorOS™ parallel processing scale-out SAN operating system.
  • Distributed, modular architecture scales from a few Terabytes to Petabytes.
  • Automatic Load Balancing reduces bottlenecks; ideal for VMware environments.
  • Continuous RAIDShield™ testing fixes disk bad blocks; reduces drive failures.

New Technology Designed for Rapid Access at Low Cost (see above)
  • Layer-2 Ethernet
  • Less than $1,000/TB
  • Incredibly fast (>1,800 MB/s)
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Scale-out architecture
Better Than Traditional Fibre Channel or iSCSI Networked Storage (see above)
  • Expensive
  • Controller hurts performance
  • Complex to set-up and maintain
  • Difficult to scale

Simplified SAN Management

Coraid’s CorOS™ software provides the intelligence that enables rapid installation (minutes not hours), simple management, and RAID redundancy. The simplicity of EtherDrive Storage makes it easy to manage, because it’s easy to understand.

EtherDrive is a disk connected to your server via Ethernet. That disk may actually be a RAID volume, but it just looks like a local disk to the server. No need to learn complicated technology like Fibre Channel. Just add SAS, SSD or SATA disks to the EtherDrive Storage Appliance and you have all the space you want available for any server attached to the Ethernet SAN. It’s that simple.

Disruptive Price/Performance

Coraid’s EtherDrive® Ethernet SAN storage solutions deliver flexible, high-performance, scale-out storage designed from the ground up for simplicity and virtualization. EtherDrive® storage enables lower OPEX and 5-8x price performance advantage over legacy Fibre Channel systems.


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