Dec 31, 2014

Create an Anti-Yeast Infection Diet

Did you know that yeast infection is not something that you have to suffer from? Topical and systemic Candida is not an infection that should be in your everyday life. There is a way to cure any yeast infection that you might have and to prevent any yeast infections from attacking your body again! You must have heard the saying, "you are what you eat," at some point in your life. Well, the truth is that what you eat does have a huge affect on what your body reacts like. To cure chronic or first time yeast infection you need to be on a yeast infection diet. You may be curious as to what "strange" foods you would be required to eat. This article will be your guide as to what foods you should eat and what foods you should avoid.

The very first step in having a successful yeast infection diet is to be anti-sugar. Candida thrives on available sugar; it's what it feeds off of. Everything we eat does something to our bodies; whether that is good or bad is up to what you put into your body. Foods that are excellent for fighting off Candida are probiotic and prebiotic foods. Two foods that come to mind when discussing yeast fighting are yogurt and garlic. The yogurt that you consume should be plain and natural. Again, if you purchase any yogurt with sugar in it you are just adding fuel to the fire. You can purchase plain yogurt at any local grocery store or you can attempt to make yogurt from home. Add yogurt to your diet for everyday, not just when a yeast infection is attacking. You will benefit from other vitamins and encourage a healthy immune system if you eat it daily. Garlic is also something that should be added to your daily diet.

Not only do you need to watch what you eat, but also what you area drinking. Cut out drinks that are just filled with sugar. Water should be your main fluid intake. Water will detoxify your body of harmful elements. You can also try drinking an herbal tea called nettle tea to detoxify your body. A few people have noticed that with chronic yeast infection you can drink fresh goat milk rather than store bought cow milk. Try to cut caffeinated drinks out of your diet as well. You will notice that you have an over-all feeling of wellness when you start to alter your diet for the better.

Creating a yeast infection diet, or it should be anti-yeast infection, is not as hard as it sounds. When you do your grocery shopping try to stick to the outside of the aisles. Don't go near the processed foods. Sweets should be out of the question as well. Go with the fresh produce, meat department, dairy department, and organic foods. You might see an increase in your grocery bill, but you have to factor in the fact that you will not need to spend large amounts of money on yeast infection medications. Raw foods are always better for you than anything cooked or prepared. If you can eat food raw you will be giving your body the nutrients that it needs to have a healthy immune system. You can turn your yeast infection diet into just a healthy lifestyle diet for you and your entire family


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