Dec 4, 2014

Firefox 20 : Open new windows in a new tab instead

Just recently my Firefox v20 "Open new windows in a new tab instead" were working properly but after installing some addons it always give me a new windows which hate it so much. Googling around the net didn't give me a good result as I want it the normal opening "new tad instead a new windows".

I don't want to go back with my old Firefox v11 which I have used it for a long period of time without any issue. According to this link the Tab preferences and settings which I have followed that give me no different result by unchecking the Open new windows in a new tab instead.

I still can not figure it out where I did something wrong since only five addons only I have installed, uninstalling one by one was my trial and error to see it it works. After undoing all my Firefox v20 addons and open up my browser the Open new windows in a new tab instead works as it is normal.

Installing again the addons one by one and see if the Open new windows in a new tab instead still working? Then, only I knew it that the SEO Toolbar that gives me the error that prevents from opening my new tab instead a new windows. Adding a new SEO Toolbar or uninstalling it that solve my issue. Enjoy reading!


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