Dec 19, 2014

Game Disk Creation

To complete your Diskless Solution for you CyberCafé, you need a Game Disk !

Game disk is in fact a virtual disk. It’s a physical hard disk or just a partition on server. Game disk is almost used for game disk – on server, install games into this disk, on client side, you will get this disk and run games directly just like a local disk.
Of course, you can also use this function for other intentions.

The size of Game Disk will be very high.

We can create a Game Disk with VirtualBox to be a Master Image, after prepare all games, you can make multiples copies of this image to each Client (computer).

Note: On your Diskless Setup, need to exist one Game Disk per Client ( Computer );


  • Creating a Game Disk
  • Export Game Disk with vblade
  • Install AoE Initiator
  • Attach Disk with AoE Initiator
  • Format Disk with Windows
  • Dettach Disk
  • Attach Disk on Master Client Machine ( image )
1 – Creating a Game Disk

With VirtualBox, open a settings from any Virtual Machine , and on Storage Section create a Disk.

Task 1 – Create disk

Task 2- Select format

Task 3 – Fixed Size

Task 4 – Set name and location

Task 5 – Finish

Task 6 – Wait the creation ( 10 minutes )

2 – Export Game Disk with vblade

Use vblade to export the AoE Targe.
vblade -b 400 1 1 "\Device\{value}" "d:\Master-Game-Disk.vhd"

3 – Install AoE Initiator

Download and install “Aoe Initiator” from StarWind Software.

The installation is simple, just Next, Next, Finish…

4 – Attach Disk with AoE Initiator

Attach the disk, set name and mark options.

5 – Format Disk with Windows

Open the “Disk Management Utility” from Windows and create a partition and format the Drive.

6 – Dettach Disk

Dettach the Disk;

7 - Attach Disk on Master Client Machine ( image )

Now attach the Game Disk on Client, install AoE initiator ! Your Game Disk is ready.

Install all games, after disconnect AoE Initiator and on server, multiply copies of game disk to other clients.

Note: After connect on disk, put the AoE Initiator icon on Startup of Windows to automatically map the new Game Disk on boot.

Note 2: Never connect exported disk with two or more AoE Initiators with differents machines at same disk simultaneously.


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