Dec 3, 2014

Goodbye! TM Streamyx Public IP Address

During the old days I was enjoying with my TM Streamyx internet, though it was the cheapest package I have availed it means a lot to me. Speaking of the lowest plan rate that I only spent 60RM per month with my "Naked DSL" offered by Telekom Malaysia Berhad to a subscriber like me that used less bandwidth 384Kbps is just enough to cater my public web server, ftp, ssh and other stuff. As a loyal customer to my ISP they upgrade to 512Kbps after four (4) years, yes its more than eight (8) years to date yet I am still sticking to my copper trunk line connection.

Since last year my Streamyx account has no longer on its own dynamic Public IP address as it is very useful for me with the help of free and paid Dynamic DNS that have been offered by most registrar for a fraction of dollars. To further my suspicious if my Streamyx is waving to Unifi I did this test verifying that I guest its because of my DSL modem only.

This is my Aztech DSL605EW DSL modem been serving 24/7/360 without any issue all day night up and running. As you can see its PPPoE but my IP address is NATted to private IP address which is useless to serve my needs because I am already behind NAT. Web server, ftp, ssh and other stuff like CCTV is no longer possible to be in public.

Keep trying! Same story with my new TP-Link WR740N the cheapest wireless router that can do more with OpenWrt firmware, but still gives  me a private IP address.

This is Aztech DSL5018EN1T1R DSL modem wireless router, same result that gives me another private IP address behind NAT.

This is Innacomm W3400V DSL modem wireless router a sub-con of Telekom Malaysia, still no luck to have a public dynamic IP address.

My last test is ZyXELL P-600 series rebrand to TM6841G, this is also a DSL modem wireless router unfortunately all of the above device I have tested does not give a public dynamic IP address as I do have during the old days. Its more like decent to be hook to P1 WiMAX though it is unwired by using their wireless modem, their CPEs are capable of giving a good dynamic public address. I guest its time to upgrade to TMnet or Unifi, I am thinking of Maxis Fiber. Telekom Malaysia ISP is saving more chunk of their dynamic public address by doing this strategy, this is how they can maximized they resources as IPv4 is going to end soon because of more and more going to be a Netizen.


You need to call TM 100 from your fixed line and tell them you cant view your cctv as you need to be on public ip instead of private IP.

It will take a few days for them to config.

@ Roy Steven Ung Keng Soon

Welcome to my blog, up to date my "Naked DSL" still giving me the private dynamic IP address which is useless if you are serving cctv likewise http,ftp,ssh etc. is out of luck. I have contacted twice TM100 CSR requesting about the matter but unfortunately I am still behind NATted private IP address perhaps it is because my account is belong to the cheapest streamyx plan.

From your link, you seem to be using the 2MB StreamyX package, which is not the cheapest.

Try contacting TM again and keep trying to contact them until they give you Public IP.

Hi Jonathan, I had just help my friend to get back his CCTV due to the TmNet moved him to private IP.

His package is streamyx 1mb. All I did was call Tm 100 and told them they need public IP as his CCTV wasnt working.

After 3 or 4 days his WAN ip is 16x.xx.xx.xx instead of 10.xx.xx.xx

@Roy Steven Ung Keng Soon :

Thank you for the great news, your friend is so lucky to have his dynamic Public IP address back, I will make a call again to TM on Monday hopefully they take an action regarding with my issue. Again thank you very much.

tell wii give you back the public ip just call 100 to make a report that you can't remote view your CCTV..

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