Dec 18, 2014

How-To Diskless AoE – 02 Instaling and configuring DHCP Server on Server

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Im using a DHCP from Uwe.Ruttkamp. The explain configuration im using this package. But as you know, you can done with other. Just put the option bootfilename string as ‘glrdr‘. ( alternative download link: glrdr )

Its very simple and have with a nice Wizard. To start click on ‘dhcpwiz.exe‘

Task  1:  Just click in <Next>;

Task  2: Select your internal network interface;

Task  3: If you want to use the TFTP from this package, mark TFTP option and choose a folder. Note: on the root path folder put the file ‘grldr‘ and ‘menu.lst‘. If NOT just Click in <NEXT>;

Task 4: Write the string ‘grldr’ on bootfile option and your internal domain. Click in <NEXT>;

Task 5: Mark overwrite and click on “Write INI file” and <NEXT>;
Task 6: Start the Service. and <FINISH>;


If you want to use other package for TFTP continue to the step 3, if NOT skip to Step 4.


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