Dec 13, 2014

How To setup a Diskless Swap System

This is a simple guide to setting up your computer with solid state swap devices, a much faster method of memory management(i.e. your computer runs lots faster during paging operations).

Hardware Requirements

A) Minimum 4 USB2.0 memory storage devices of identical make and model of at lest 512MB in size. (I can get a 2G stick down the street for less then 10$)
B) A motherboard with USB2.0 ports properly configured in BIOS. (A hub should be alright but I have not tested for that... yet)


1.) Open a text file with gedit for recording device information.
2.) Open a Terminal(Applications->Accessories->Terminal) and enter


tail -f /var/log/messages
3.) Now insert the usb device and you should see something like the following...

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