Dec 3, 2014

myBRO DV235T at P1 WiMAX Malaysia

An old friend of mine from menanjung came along bringing his P1 WiMAX wireless broadband with him seem to be who can live with out the internet connection. I said to him that have like that but different model that I use for surfing in my country. Good thing is that he lent me his WiMAX CPE for a while and ask him if its possible to try my abandoned myBRO DV235T that is also made by Packet One Malaysia only assembled in China. hehehe :)

Fast forwarding after a few tweaks, here's what I got it peaks up the frequency and suddenly get hook to the BTS. Yes it did connect and able to surf with my friend account, this is only want to prove that they really belongs to same clan.

As you can see from the screenshot, well done. Its myBRO DV235T WiMAX CPE from Smart Telecommunication from the Philippines good to know it did get work.

Now the WAN IP address of P1 WiMAX network, likewise the DNS. Below is the P1 WiMAX Welcome page, IP address is just the same as in the myBRO DV235T graphical user interface.

Yay! Ready to surf, can not wait to check the speedtest ? FYI, Packet One 4G WiMAX has two package the Prepaid and the Postpaid. Unlike Globe and Smart WiMAX in the Philippines they are strickly to postpaid only. Fair Usage Policy also applies to P1 you will have your qouta per month.

Fortunately I manage to surf the net comfortably this only means that my friend account still have a lot more balance remaining. Enjoy reading...


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