Dec 19, 2014

StarWind AoE Initiator

ATA-over-Ethernet Initiator for Microsoft Windows

ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) is a network protocol designed for simple high-performance access to SATA storage devices over Ethernet. AoE does not rely on network layers above Ethernet, such as IP and TCP. It is more comparable to Fibre Channel over Ethernet than iSCSI.

AoE Initiator fully implements ATA-over-Ethernet client side protocol enabling you to connect to remote storage appliances such as Coraid®. AoE support enables connectivity to remote storage devices over a standard Ethernet network, regardless of where the device resides. With AoE Initiator and ATA-over-Ethernet, you can gain full access to a device anywhere on an Ethernet network, as though it were installed on a local machine.

Download StarWind AoE Initiator here


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