Dec 19, 2014

Windows Diskless with AoE Server Linux Distro

This is the new project for the community. A based Linux Distro ready-to-run for Diskless Server !
Windows Diskless with AoE Server Linux Distro

Main Features:
  • Simple DHCP Server configuration powered with a opensource project called "Opendhcpd Server"
  • MagicVolume with powered cool feature with Deduplicated FileSystem ! Now you can deploy more than 100 Windows diskless clients with ( for example ) a single SSD 128Gb Hard Disk, this feature is powered by opensource project !
  • Web Interface for Administration powered by opensource project Webmin;
  • Built-in ‘vblade‘ for easy export virtual disks (.vhd, .vmdk files)
  • Easy Windows Share access to Upload your Master Image directly to the MagicVolume;
Preview release for Download:


- How to install the Distro
- The Server Specs
- Configure a Bond Interface
- The required Services
- The MagicVolume How-To
- The TFTP Server


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