Jan 18, 2015

DLNA over LAN and WIFI problems

I am having trouble getting DLNA working over LAN & WIFI at the same time.

For example, My Samsung TV has DLNA support for DMP and DMR, I am able to access my media servers and use the "Play To" feature in Windows 7 without problem on my LAN, however if I try over WIFI with my laptop or cellphone they don't pick up the TV and the TV can't pick them up, my phone picks up my laptop and visa versa over wifi, so its as if the WIFI network is seperate from the LAN somehow?

This makes no sense because I have a DSL LAN/WIFI router which is being used and the networks are not separate on it, I am able to access all machines via network shares etc. The only thing that wont work is DLNA!

So to sum it up, DLNA works over LAN, DLNA works over WIFI but wont work between LAN devices & WIFI devices.

The router is pretty much on the default settings, I made sure subnets and all are the same but cant get it to work.

If anybody has any idea what could be wrong any suggestion would be appreciated.
Update: I am able to ping the TV via WIFI through my laptop and from my PC on the LAN, I am also able to ping my laptop from my PC, LAN - WIFI, all seems to be working, just DLNA wont work between WIFI & LAN and I cant figure out what is the problem!

If I open my router and go to the LAN Clients page, it lists all devices including WIFI devices.
Update 2: Thanks Anyway, I found the problem, as soon as I enabled IGMP Proxy in my router DLNA started working over wlan.


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