Jan 9, 2015

How To Buy Domain Name With Unverified PayPal

Most teen bloggers start blogging with sub-domain like '.blogspot' or '.wordpress' but as they move on and get lot of viewers they likw to get a domain name. Well most teens don't have credit card like me but what they have is Paypal account which can help a lot. There are many sites to buy domain ex: Godaddy and they also accept PayPal but they only accept verified PayPal account. 

What is a verified PayPal account ???

Account that are linked with any credit card or any bank account is known as a verified account.

What is a Unverified account ???

Well the answer is simple if you account is not linked with any bank account or credit card its an unverified account. 

How To Buy Domain Name With Unverified PayPal ?

All the popular sites that sell domain names only accept verified Paypal account which is a very big problem. But there is one site that sell domain name and accept Unverified PayPal account. Namecheap.com the only domain registrar that accept unverified Paypal account.  They will accept all PayPal account Verified and Unverified. Now this Site helped lot and lot of teens. This site is also voted best by life hacker.

There is another site that you can buy domain name with unverified Paypal Account its www.Name.com Now many people bought from this site so you can be sure that it will work. Try this one over Namecheap as more people bought from here.


PayPal is the most safest online transaction gateway. So, it is always safe to buy anything online using PayPal. I too have registered my domain name using PayPal. I got best deals on domain name registration from TuckTail.com at low cost with 24/7 customer support.

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