Jan 26, 2015

The Road Warrior's Internet Router

Vertix PR1 Portable 3G Wireless Router - The Road Warrior's Internet Router.

If you travel with more than one computing device in tow, you’ll want to share your internet connection with all your devices at the same time. This is where you’ll find the Vertix PR1 portable 3G wireless router a must-have device for the multi-gadget road warrior.

Although it’s not a new concept, the Vertix PR1 is unlike any other portable MiFi device because it does not contain its own 3G radio. Instead, it relies on your existing 3G dongle that you’ll likely pick up free from your service provider. This reduces the cost of the device as well as improves signal reception since it’ll rely on an approved 3G hardware provided by your telco. A detachable 3G dongle would also give the user the added flexibility to use it directly on their laptop if for some reason they do not wish to share it wirelessly.

Besides sharing your 3G connection, the router is also capable of sharing your wired internet connection. This is especially useful in situations (e.g. hotels) where only a single wired internet connection is available. The wireless range of the router’s 802.11b/g/n network is also surprisingly impressive considering its size and embedded antenna.

Setting up the routePNP, Virtual Server and DMZ, is something that advanced users would welcome.r is a rather simple affair as its configuration is done through its built-in web management interface. What we like most is its comprehensive preset APN list for various 3G service providers, handily sorted by country. This makes setting up a snap as you’d be ready to surf as soon as you select the right service provider. Its impressive list of network features which includes SPI firewall, ACL, MAC filtering, DDNS, UPNP.

The Vertix PR1 is a unique and convenient portable router suited for the mobile individual that requires constant internet connectivity for multiple devices. Priced at only S$139, it is one product that every road warrior should carry in their backpack.


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