Jan 17, 2015

TM Internet Expierence Measurement Tools Review

Telekom Malaysia (TM) Internet Experience Measurement Tools (IEMT) is an online testing tool for measuring network performance of a communication link from TM customer's perspective. It consists of downloading performance tool, browsing performance tool, streaming performance tool and speedometer tool.

To use this services head over to this hyperlink http://verify.tm.net.my/ or and it will automatically detects your TM username account as shown screenshot below. If you are using a valid IP address of TM Streamyx, TMnet or Unifi you will be prompted immediately with greetings " Good morning username@streamyx, username@tmnet, username@unifi, welcome to IEMT."

The Internet Experience Measurement Tools (IEMT) is a smart tools, it has the capabilities on detecting the end user with this small piece of java script. On the other hand, once you are using a different ISP provider aside from TM network you will no longer able to use this IEMT intelligent program, instead it will tell you " Sorry, this portal is only for TM Broadband users (Streamyx and Unifi)."

See ! :-) Can everyone use these IEMT tests?
  • The online service is available for TM Streamyx and TM Unifi subscriber only and it's free!
Why perform the test?
  • The test can measure the performance of your downloading, browsing and streaming experience with your TM Streamyx or TM Unifi broadband internet service.
Here's an example on how to use the IEMT services, for downloading performance just click on the main menu labeled "Downloading" and you will be prompted for selection of files for download for testing purposes. After you click as in my case the 1MB it will again prompted me a java windows script in progress until it will be completed to 100% for the result to come out.

You can now evaluate what type of TM Broadband package you are subscribed, the result of the IEMT performance is really what I have applied for my subscription a VIP 5 Unifi and its correct.

To verify more for your doubts head over to another speedometer link http://speedtest.streamyx.com.my and see for the result for more comparison as in my case here.

This throughput test will transfer data between your computer and the selected server(s). Please do not use your connection while the test is in progress. The test may take a few moments. Your screen will refresh when the test is completed. Data will be sent to your computer through your internet connection to test the speed. Our speedometer also uploads the proxy data to our server as part of the speed measurement. This allows us to measure the upload and download speeds and provide absolute measurements of your Internet speed. If you have any trouble using our service, kindly contact our Customer Interaction Centre at 100 or e-mail to help@tm.com.my.

Disclaimer: *'The speedometer is valid for Streamyx and Business Broadband users only'


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