Mar 9, 2015

Download Google Chrome Standalone Offline Installer

As we all know about Google's web browser Google Chrome are becoming more and more popular among netizens and all Internet users. You can download it using this link. Once you start downloading, as you may noticed it downloads a very small file installer which again downloads the required setup files from Google server.

The problem using the above link Google Chrome installer is when your are not connected to internet so there's no way to install the Google web browser, an alternative is the so called Google Chrome standalone installer or the offline Google Chrome installer this will let your install the Google web browser even your PCs is not hook to the internet.

New Links: (always download latest release version)
Alternative Links: (other working download links)
For All User Accounts: (if you want to install Chrome for all user accounts)
The above URLs will always provide the latest Google Chrome version. So enjoy it.


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