Mar 14, 2015

Globe WiMAX LTE Modem OD-235 Username Password

Globe Telecom Philippines is one of the biggest wireless internet service provider in the country that cater not only 2G and 3G network but as well the 4G WiMAX and the future fastest wireless broadband wavelength the LTE broadband. The WiMAX giant ISP already have learned it mistake from the past acquiring WiMAX modem from Huawei such as BM621, BM625, BM622/i, BM622m and the BM23m whose CPEs  are prone to MAC address cloning which they tag the nation as Free Internet Country by the netizens. No wonder this year Globe Telco is shifting its wireless modem from Green Packet Berhad Malaysia product model:OD235 instead of from Huawei Technologies, the new CPE that they are acquiring is a dual band device that is capable as WiMAX modem and as an LTE modem too.

To access the web graphical user interface (webGUI) of the Green Packet OD-235 aka Globe WiMAX LTE modem OD235, just open any of your fave browser and point it this just similar to DV-235T aka myBRO and the OX-230 of Smart WiMAX outdoor unit CPE. Globe WiMAX LTE modem OD-235 has three (3) account for the webGUI if you want to navigate and fine tune the settings. 

Below are the following username and password of Globe WiMAX LTE OD235 wireless modem

Username : power_user
Password : u878mJAskqMd

Username : ADMIN
Password : ADMIN

Username : USER
Password : USER

For your information the Globe WiMAX LTE OD-235 wireless modem aka Green Packet OD235 is a WiMAX modem CPE and as well a LTE wireless modem, bear in mind that this CPE device can not be use simultaneously or both modem at the same time to connect to the network such as for the WiMAX and LTE. Unlike Smartphone that is a DualSIM it is possible to connect to the Telco network at the same time or simultaneously whereas the OD235 device it is not possible and there is no way. If you prefer to connect to WiMAX then you can not hook to LTE otherwise disconnect it from WiMAX and hook it to LTE. Another thing to distinguish is WiMAX authenticate via MAC address whereas LTE uses SIM.

Sample MAC address Authentication:

MAC: 00:1F:FB:8C:84:A1
User ID:
User Password:


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