Mar 16, 2015

Lemon Juice for Weight Loss

While there are certainly no substitutes to burning calories through long runs and weight training, dietary alterations aid weight loss by influencing internal metabolic processes. Extensive research into the effects of lemon water intake on the body has revealed new health benefits. This vitamin C rich fruit influences body's digestion chemistry to create favorable conditions for natural weight loss.

As weighing scales shoot up world over, with large consumption of processed foods raising obesity concerns, weight loss lists high on priority lists. A whole multimillion dollar industry devoted to weight loss techniques, has evolved to take care of this problem. People spend their life savings in consulting dietitians and subscribing to special miracle diets, when the solution is pretty straightforward - Eat measured quantities of healthy food and exercise more.

Drinking a glass of squeezed lemon juice mixed with warm water every morning is a highly energizing dietary addition that will help you lose weight. You can also add lemon to green tea and drink it for weight loss. This combination is known to be very effective. Another recipe is drinking tea and apple cider vinegar, mixed with lemon. This new weight loss aid, validated by medical research, coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise will help your slimming campaign. Well, selling an idea without evidence to back it up makes no sense. Here is a scientific analysis of why lemon water's good for you.

How Does Lemon Water Aid Weight Reduction?

A glass of water mixed with juice (squeezed from half or a full lemon) diluted according to taste, drunk twice a day works wonders. Here's why.

High Pectin Fiber Content Reduces Hunger
Lemon is abundant in fiber and especially pectin, which naturally caused a drop in hunger, reducing the probability of overconsumption, contributing to a reduction in weight over time. Controlling hunger and differentiating between physical and psychological hunger is essential. Eat when you are hungry, rather than when you want to. Instead of trying to kill hunger with coffee or tea, just have a glass of lemon water.

Acts as a Diuretic & Aids Digestion
Lemon juice, by its nature, acts as a diuretic and laxative (particularly because of the hot water you mix it with) making a person lose his water weight and promoting healthy bowel movements. It reduces the possibility of constipation and heartburn. It helps cleanse your colon, thus reducing the accumulation of body waste. Lemon water provides a stimulus to the production of digestive enzymes in the liver. All in all, the citric fruit is ideally suited to kick-start your digestive process.

Correlation Between Vitamin C and Weight Reduction
Research has revealed an inverse correlation between the amount of vitamin C content in a body and body mass. Apparently, the abundant supply of vitamin C provided by lemons and other citrus fruits can trigger biochemical reactions that reduce fat content.

Lemon Polyphenols Reduce Weight Gain
Polyphenols from lemons have been recently shown to influence the body's lipid mechanism reducing weight gain and insulin resistance. This makes the consumption of lemon water all the more beneficial.

Other Benefits
Besides aiding weight loss, lemon water has many other benefits.
  • It has natural antiseptic properties, causing it to reduce the risk of infection in various body tissues.
  • Its consumption has a natural detoxifying effect on the body. It helps in clearing out toxins.
  • It contains copious amounts of vitamin C and minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium.
  • Hot lemon water develops and stabilizes your immune power, when you are down with flu or cold.
After you wake up in the morning, drink a glass of warm lemon water. Not only will you feel refreshed, but it will also help your digestive system get into gear. Lemon juice affects the teeth enamel causing slight erosion if exposed for long. You might want to sip the water through a straw to reduce exposure. A warm glass of lemon water sets the right tone for your daily weight loss program. It must be remembered that there is no escape from rigorous exercise, if you plan to lose a considerable amount of weight. It's tough to start an exercise regimen, but with time it only gets better as you see the benefits. So begin today and don't forget the lemonade.


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