Mar 31, 2015

Powerbank That Can Jump Start A Car

These days we have things for about everything. It’s rare that truly new and innovative gizmos hit the market, and the most we’re getting are upgrades of previous devices or hybrids of two different gadgets.

Most hybrids that have become commonplace are powerbanks, and as competition for it rises, everyone is trying come up with a better half to make theirs stand out. CD-R King is among those retailers.

Portable Car Power Jumper

CD-R King isn’t exactly the ideal top-of-the-line shop for gadgets and accessories. But they have provided things needed at an affordable rate. Going back to powerbanks, we just spotted one that shocked us. It’s a large 16,800mAH powerbank that not only charges mobile devices but can also jump start cars. It was novel concept we just had to try it for ourselves.

It’s official name from CD-R King is the Portable Car Power Jumper. It ships with its own tools such as a car jumper cable and a small bag where you can bring along. It wasn’t that hard to find an old vehicle with an older failing battery. If you’re familiar with jump starting cars via battery series, the procedure is technically the same. Just attach those red and black grips to their respective positive and negative sides of the battery, make sure the Power Jumper is on, and chill out for a while.

It also features a red and blue emergency LED lighting for safety during unwanted nighttime driving incident. Its own charging time is around 5 hours, which isn’t too bad. It should be noted that this works for cars that do not exceed a 2.8L engine displacement.

This device won’t fix any problem. It is a temporary fix that will get you home safely or to the nearest mechanic. Things like these can be a real life saver and from that, we give this nifty gadget two thumbs up. Of course, CD-R King offers other car jumpers, but not as cool as being part powerbank. Just make sure it’s always fully charged.


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