Sep 6, 2015

Paypal Add Funds Missing Replaced by Top-Up Menu

Yesterday I made a shopping online at and purchase a "Strong Rare Earth Magnet Neodymium NeFeB N35 Round Disc" in the first place I know that I have less amount on my Paypal account though I am optimistic that I can just Add Funds on to it.

What surprises me is that the "Add  Funds" button on my Paypal account is gone instead the Menu is being replace by a "Top-Up" sub-menu. Interestingly the Paypal Malaysia have integrate every Paypal members account with the RHB Bank a local Bank that you can send and receive money that makes other users easily to "Add Funds" or "Top-Up" hassle free. But for those whose debit card from Maybank it would be a negative impact to them because there is no such  for none RHB Bank members were they can add money to their Paypal account.

I just want to raise this issue to hose fellow who is having the same problem regarding with this matter, up to now I am stuck because there is no other option for other local banks that I can add more funds to my Paypal account. If somebody have the alternative way in doing so please let me know, will appreciate that  much. :-)


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