Oct 19, 2015

PLDT HomeBro Ultera Huawei B2268s 4G LTE Admin Unlock Finally

Finally, the PLDT HomeBro Ultera aka Huawei B2268s 4G LTE wireless broadband CPE now revealed on how to unlock the Admin account to the fullest. As we all know someone will always leak to the public no matter how they conceal it those good guys out there will make first some penny of this tricks before it will be share to the newbies like me. Here's the prerequisite before you can to proceed on unlocking your Huawei B2268s LTE 4G ODU, first of all make sure that your device ODU Firmware Version is V100R001C35SP100B021 and the Module Firmware Version is V100R001C35SP100B021 then you can now do-it-yourself. Note it will void your device warranty so always be careful and presence of mind.

What you need is a Firefox browser any version then go to Tools then click Add-ons, Add-ons Manager prompt you and you must install the Web Developer plugins. Once done download Putty utility for telnet, also download this MS doc B2268s pedik Full Admin Access its a rar file then extract it password is sarilingsikapkopoyan71 just copy and paste it once the winrar ask you for the password to be extracted.


Step 1.
  • Log-in as homebro for the username and password
  • Press Crtl + Shift + K
  • Paste script
  • Press ENTER
  • Click "OK"
  • Wait for "All done" then click "OK"
Step 2.
  • Open putty
  • log-in
  • Type "chpasswd" and press ENTER
  • Type "admin:admin"and press ENTER
  • Press Crtl + D (two times)
  • Log-in on Web GUI (admin / admin)
  • Change Password DONE
Alternative you can download and extract this script B2268s Step 2 by KevinBongcawel.rar just double click the run.bat file, I have to credit it to KevinBongcawel. Once done, you can now Login as admin for the username and pedik for the password after that you may now change the password to your desired key.

This only proves that the PLDT HomeBro Ultera Huawei B2268s 4G LTE wireless broadband CPE is now in your full control, you can now tweak and fine tune what ever you want to your device. I have to say thanks Pedik the one who offer and share this stuff to the public article and images are credits to him. Enjoy!


It's just for homebro

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