Jul 28, 2018

My PLDT HOME Fibr Experience

Finally I am PLDT Fibr connected already! It took me a year and three months on appliying the Internet Fiber connection after rejected and disapproved by the PLDT Fiber organic technical support Engineer. The reason are because of (1) due to long distance laying cable, my house from the PLDT pole were the NAP is located is less than 250  meters only, yes two hundred fifty meters only. I told the Technical Engineer this is a very short distance only where as the Optical Network Unit (ONU) aka ONT (Optical Network Terminal) can handle the link within 20 Kilometers without any line driver or signal amplifier or booster because the link is a passive connection. The second thing is private properties were the aerial cable lay and pass, that I have to ask consent from the property lot. In short I have to make a written letter signed by the said owner of the residential area for the fiber cable to be installed without any question. Make story short the PLDT Fiber Organic Technical Support Engineering team hesitant to install the Internet Fiber connection.

My second application for Fiber Internet from PLDT was online, I make a call via 171 quering about the status of my previous unapproved PLDT Home Fibr subscription. The Customer Service Representative were polite answering my phone call and told me to make a new application for their Internet Fiber and even offer for fiftty percent (50%) switch if I am from other Telco ISP. I said yes she told me to send my previous Bill from my other Internet Service Provider to avail the promo.

I send the requirements and after five days the Technical Support Team calls me up and said that the ports going to my area is already loaded. Meaning the NAP were the terminals are located is unavailable now this is because previous month ago the PLDT agent went on house to house and offer Bilis-Kabit PLDT Home Fiber on my residential neighbors . The supposed six port was available on the NAP before during the time of my application now has taken already.

They offer me an option for the Internet connection (1) is PLDT Home Ultera, I said no. I do not like the service of the PLDT Home Ultera this is a wireless internet connection base on SIM or without SIM. Another thing about Home Ultera the connection is intermittent, capping, and they can not provide good and reliable connectivity. To add more PLDT wireless network do not offer Public IPs, also no high bandwidth available this good for single user only.

The other Internet connection they offer me was PLDT DSL, I am yes for this time since I do not have other option but to get this because I am in need of the Internet. If I have to wait for the PLDT Fiber when they could add more NAPs on my nearest area that things the Technical Support team can not be answered even Technical Engineers have no idea too.

Another five working days passed, my mobile phone rang when I pick it up the PLDT sub-contructor now is handling the PLDT DSL connection. They search for my house and found it, the problem now is were to find the nearest available telephone terminal for my DSL Internet connection. After searching around on my area, the only nearest location of PTSN terminal is it will consume about two rolls of copper cable for the telephone line were the DSL signal caries it. So now the PLDT sub-contructor team is again reluctant to lay the copper cable with that long distance of Kilometers. I didn't argue anymore to those technical person installer why they do want to do the job.

Recently, I heard from the news that there will be a newly third Big Telco from China is already awarded to compete the Duopoly of Globe and PLDT, where as the recent third Telco from Australia and SMB was discontinued their operation. Sometime ago I went to the Mall for groceries I saw a boot of PLDT and they are giving flyers, I approach the person standing behind the boot and ask if my area is covered by their service provider. She get the list of towns of my city and show me the newly installed NAP and fiber cable and she said yes.

So I give up my IDs and said I want to subscribe the PLDT Home Fiber, she give me the application form to be filled up and sign. After filling and signing the form I give it to her, she told me to open up my mobile phone and monitor it someone from PLDT will call me after five to ten days.

To my surprised seven days later someone calls me up I thought it was the PLDT Manila, the person on the phone told me that they are going to install the PLDT Home fiber, really! are you sure? Why so fast, are they afraid of third Telco player. I instructed the guy the direction going to my house and finally they are three person equip with their installation gear. They survey the area were to lay the cable and said they need two service pole, and I must have to provide it. Two days later the two service pole already erected as per request they came again here now they are for PLDT Home Fiber cable installation already. The fiber aerial laying and the indoor cabling and drilling took them on hour and half. They divided the task, their Team leader is inside the house and the other two guys technician maybe are the one responsible laying the cable outside. After they have done the fiber cabling installation in my house, immediately the Tech guy get the ONU/ONT from the box and unboxing it. I saw ONU is white in color with four antennas, it has two POTS and four LAN ports. When I check the label at the bottom of the ONU/ONT wireless modem router its sticker written AN5506-04-FA. Yes, this is Optical Network Unit aka Optical Network Terminal its the same ONU/ONT, this device is a 3in1 it is a modem, a router and a wireless access point.

After everything is done I gave them to some cookies and drinks, I have a chance to chat with them while waiting. I thought  these guys are from PLDT Technical Support Engineering Team, yes its not PLDT organic team anymore perhaps desperately in a hurry that the China Telco will come in, they are from other company a sub-contructor of PLDT Manila, they are task for PLDT Fiber client installation only and paid per installation. Meaning they only get paid for 300Php per installation for the Team or for their group, let say if have installed one client that is 300, if it is two then that is 600 then that amount would be divided into three person.

For instance in my case I am the only client they have installed for the PLDT Fiber for the whole day so they only get 300 peso and it is divided into three (3) since they are three person. I get pity to these people, imagined it 100 peso for each person per day and no installation no pay. So I decided to give them extra amount in kind atleast to unleast their thirst and sweat.

Before they leave my house after their installation, the Team leader make a phone call to PLDT and make a report that they done they task. I signed two copies of TOS something one for me and the other is for them, He told me just to open the ONU AN5506-04-FA because it is not yet activate. Few minutes later after the Installer leave the PLDT Tech Support calls me up on my phone and said just leave the device open and do not turn off. I open my browser pointing to I able to navigate to the GUI. Yes it is still not yet active and I saw the AN5506-04-FA version is RP2610, after few minutes later the PLDT Tech support call again asking me if if there is Internet connection already, and I said yes there is. Opeing up the GUI again the software version immediately updated to RP2616.

Checking my Internet Speed Test shows 20Mb download and 20Mb upload, I was so happy and satisfied because my plan is 5Mbps only. Soon to write more about this AN5506-04-FA ONU/ONT.


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