Sep 10, 2019

Hack TX Power QCA9533 to 30dbm

Hack TX power family of QCA9533 chipset to 30dbm real TX power 23-24dbm
or around 200mW.

Can be applied to TL-841ND v10 / v11, TL-WR840N v2 and TL-WR740N v6 (but only tested on TL-WR841ND v10):

Step 1 :

I assume the router is installed fw ddwrt, enable the ssh feature on the router in the service and administration tab, save, then apply settings, then reboot

Step 2 :

download the partition art that is on this link:

Then rename it to "art.bin" without quote

Step 3 :

With the WinSCP Utility send (export) to the folder / tmp router that we downloaded and renamed earlier. make sure art.bin is in the / tmp folder by checking via putty demgan command:

ls /tmp

Step 4 :

Execute files already in the router via putty with the command:

mtd -r write /tmp/art.bin board_config

Step 5 :

Login to ddwrt, then tunning so that what we do works well, in the wireless tab, change country to "Canada", then change the TX power to 30dbm, then save, apply settings and finally reboot.

NB: channels are only 1-11, do not support super channel and only work well with country code "Canada"


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