Aug 21, 2020


Today I want to share to my readers this over whelming PiSo WiFi Vending machine that majority of Netizens are aiming to build or buy this kind of small business apparatus. I was intrigue by this famous low cost dual band AC1200 wireless router from forum and including on the youtube channels. Lenovo Comfast NEWIFI3 D2 is a 5 port Giga LAN/WAN that competes most well known WAPs such MikroTik, TP-Link, Linksys and others you name it.

I was just curious that I thought it was not equip with RF Amps, good enough the power output is less than 800mWatt its powerful if someone can buil a good 2.4GHz antenna. The 5GHz also can transmit at less than 200mWatt.

My purpose on getting this NEWIFI3 D2 is for my oldys PiSo vendo machine that I wanted to omit the USB LAN that need to be retired. After doing experiment with different firmware I went on sticking with OpenWRT. Now I realize that the NEWIFI3 D2 I buy is now serving only as a L2 managed switch and as a WAP (wireless access point). I did not get TP-Link SG105E and SG108E cause it is a semi managed switch.

I happen to realize again that have a bunch of TP-Link wireless router that can do that task which NEWIFI3 D2 can do except my old wireless router do not have the AC WiFi.

If in your case you are tight budget you can get TP-Link TL-WR740N which is more cheaper and make it as manage switch for Ado Piso WiFi vendo machine.

This will only work if the PiSo WiFi software VLAN is editable, some other vendo wifi developer the VLAN/TAG is fix the end user do not have the permission to edit those value. 


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