Mar 13, 2013

Aztech HL125G Homeplug AV 500Mbps 4 port Gigabit

This is the latest device i have for my Homeplug (Powerline Networking). A very nice addition for my entertainment station which consist of an IPTV device, a SMART TV, and a soon to come gamine console (Read XBOX360 or PS3). Thus i need a device so i can connect to my home network with internet access.

With this device, i can connect 4 devices to my home network and thus it won’t be an issue of getting 4 homeplugs anymore. I will be doing some simple test on this device to test the data transfer speed by the means of ping test, data transfer from one computer (plug to this device) to another computer (located in the room with one homeplug 200Mbps) as well as data transfer to my NAS (located in my “server room”, aka Storeroom).


The Aztech HL125G HomePlug AV 500Mbps with 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Switch is a PLC (Powerline Line Communication) technology that embarks on a concept of No New Wires data communications to any room using existing AC electrical wiring in the home as the networking backbone. The data transfer rate at the speed of up to 500Mbps Phy rates, effectively turns every AC socket outlet into HD (High Definition) capable Ethernet port.

The HL125G is a standalone integrated 4-port Gigabit Ethernet switch which when attached to a broadband device and powerline provides convenient Gigabit network access to various the devices in close proximity such as Media Player, Set-Top Box, Smart TV, Gaming console and IP phone, and to other networked devices located at further distance through the built-in PLC technology via AC powerline.

The HL125G's PLC (Powerline Line Communication) engine is an Atheros AR7400 chipset. It features faster processing power, Gigabit Ethernet host interfaces and an enhanced analog front end. The solution is compliant with IEEE1901 and Homeplug AV, allowing hassle free compatibility with existing Homeplug AV devices and other suppliers of IEEE1901 PLC devices.

The HL125G ultra-high data rate and carrier-grade Quality of Service (QOS) engine enables deployment of high performance grade multimedia services, it supports the high speed digital multimedia home networking throughout the whole house including IPTV services, simultaneous HD video and audio distribution, Voice Over IP Calls, Online-Gaming, High speed Internet and Data networking.

The HL125G also provides a simple connect push button for a convenient way of creating HomePlug AV network without the need to use the Device Utility. The Network Management Key (NMK) is used to associate and authenticate devices joining the AV logical network. Security is supported by 128-bit AES Hardware encryption ensuring that the network communications is free from eavesdroppers and hackers.

Remember, you will need at least two HomePlug devices to form a HomePlug connection. More HomePlug AV devices can be added to further share your network.

Hope the test will yield some consistent results but hey, who knows what interesting readings may appear. Stay tuned for some nice product pics taken by yours truly too.

P.S, this is not a paid advertisement, merely a hobby of mine to share any technology advancement for the greater good of mankind.


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