Mar 12, 2013

Free VPN: AdmiralVPN (Canada)

I just want to share this alternative vpn to all my avid readers and fans. This is another free VPN that you can use for anonymity purposes. But for me, I also use this for free internet purpose. Tested working for Globe and Smart networks in the Philippines.

Country: Canada
Status: Free and Premium
  • Free Accounts: Limited to only for three days. No ads, feels like Premium.
  • Premium Accounts: I haven’t tested it yet, but seeing their service, I think getting the Paid service will be best. Get a paid account if you like their service.
Stand-alone GUI: No need for OpenVPN Client, though you still needs to have the TAP Network Adapter drivers installed in your pc.

Download Admiral VPN Client

Download: Admiral VPN 1.6 | Mirror1 | Mirror2

How to use ADMIRAL VPN:
  1. First, you need to be an admiral. lol. You just need to have an AdmiralVPN account, just head on to
  2. Sign up for an account, then check your e-mail for the confirmation. You will receive an e-mail message with a subject of info and from The message will maybe inside your Spam folder as per my experience, my gmail email’s spam folder always catch this message.
  3. Click on the verify account link, copy the hash code first, then paste it on the verify box link.
  4. Then you will get a thank you message! You now have an Admiral VPN Free account!
  5. The account will last only for 3 days, but don’t mind that. You can still just register all over again.
  6. Install the Admiral VPN client. The link can be found below. Or you can just extract the folders and see a program folders inside, the AdmiralVPN files are already there, ready for usage.
  7. Run the EXE. Make sure to run it under admin access if you are on Vista or Win7.
  8. Then the client will open. At first, you will have an not updated yet version of the client. But do not worry as per the client has an aut-update feature.
  9. Log-in your account. Just type your username, and password. Check first the Advance settings checkbox, then mark the Connect as free User checkbox before hitting the Connect button.
  10. After successful connection, the client will run an update which will make the gui looks nicer and perform bottom.
  11. If you are already connected, you are now ready to surf the internet for Free!


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