Mar 20, 2013

L7 NR2000 TM Unifi WiFi Router aka DIR-614

At a glance if you take a look to the new device of TM Unifi wireless router from L7 Networks model NR2000 for Unifi users without hesitant definitely it is a clone of D-Link DIR-615 absolutely because of the physical outlook, it has twin antenna, fronted USB port and also the WAN and LAN port is likely similar except the packing and the brand name.

The L7 NR2000 is a substitute to D-Link DIR-615 by TM for Unifi subscribers whether it is a customize firmware or alike from L7 Networks a company base in Taiwan who's products are available to corporations, e-businesses, web hosting companies and service providers. Its partners include hardware manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and service providers.

According to LowYat forumer Ahn3hn3h
This model internals looks so much like the DLink DIR-615.

Maybe TM bought the rights from the OEM manufacturer, subcontracted it out for mass production and undercut D-Link supplier for higher profit margins?

How come the firmware design is so similar to D-Link's? It looks like the logo was the only thing changed.
As you can see L7 Networks is a hardware manufacturers, OEMs, distributors and service providers such as D-Link and all others, as mention in their website no wonder L7 model NR2000 is just a clone of D-Link DIR-615.

Looking closely to its internal web graphical user interface (gui), by default to login is just identical to D-Link DIR-615 that uses likewise the Username and Password are same to Unifi devices supplied by TM (Telekom Malaysia).

I was interested navigating all the buttons and the submenu of this wireless router L7 NR2000 supplied by TM from L7 Networks and I was about to conclude that this is just a clone of D-Link DIR-615 until I stumble to Advanced Menu to its Submenu, IPv6 Routing on the top of the web interface it say DIR-614. Therefore, this is DIR-614 and not DIR-615 as I was guessing a while ago.

Soon, I will posting the internal hardware of the L7 NR2000 aka DIR-614 for future reference I would love to shoot this with the Nikon 3200 to show my viewers detailed Chipset and pin header for flashing with DD-Wrt, OpenWrt or even with the Tomato firmware by Shibby.


what 3rd party firmware can be flashed into this model of router??


@ zou rui :

dd-wrt is the best 3rd party firmware

trace out some basic informations from this url link

Hi im also in this router, N7R2000, what is the driver I need to flash in DDwrt? I could find...

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