Sep 12, 2013

Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX Green Packet DX-230 GUI

For my curiosity I was able to navigate the GUI (graphical user interface) of this Smart MyBro 4G WiMAX Green Packet DX-230 wireless broadband ODU (out-door-unit) CPE. The web interface is so simple and not so complex with limited menus unlike of those 4G WiMAX CPEs from Huawei Technologies that have been supplied to Globe Telecom ISP.

As you can see this is the login page of this SmartBro MyBro 4G WiMAX Green Packet DX-230 wireless broadband GUI, to be able to access the interface you have to point your fave browser to with the default username and password as "smart" without quote. The smart username and password has only limited privilege to user only, it can be login also via telnet and ssh to port 23 and 22 respectively.

As I have said the user account has only limited accessibility, on top menus are Status, Networking and Management. Under sub-menu of status are WiMAX Satus, Network Status and Device Status. The things that are visible on WiMAX Status namely are 
System Status: Frequency, BSID, Dev State, Uptime
Link Status: RSSI, CINR R1, CINR R3 TX Power, UL MC5, DL MC5

The Network Status are WAN and LAN such as the IP address, Netmask, Gateway, MAC address, ISP DNS.

On the Device Status you can see the Hardware model, Firmware version, Date and Serial numbers of the CPE.

The Networking main menu only have two sub-menus such as DCHP Server and DDNS, DHCP Server has only three mode this are none, server and relay. It can be also set the DNS manually such as using openDNS or Google DNS.

The DX-230 also support DDNS (dynamic DNS) that has at least six pre-installed this are,,,, and

Similarly on the Management main menu there are only two sub-menus such as Log and Recovery.

The Recovery sub-menu are Backup, Restore and Factory Defaults. Please don't be surprised if you click the Backup sub-menu will redirect you to page error I think this is a bug or a limited to Administrator account only such as root.

The Restore sub-menu is useless because username and password "smart" is limited only to certain feature as you have seen in this screenshot, so there is nothing you can restore with this function.

In addition, the MyBro DX-230 CPE out-door-unit does not support VoIP just like the legacy SmartBro Motorola Canopy Antenna fixed wireless internet broadband.

Lastly, the Factory Default sub-menu will only reset the SmartBro MyBro 4G WiMAX broadband wireless router modem from Green Packet Technology model DX-230 CPE out-door-unit to its original setting.

This will be my next project to dump the firmware of DX-230 CPE via hardware since there is no leak yet on the net to the Administrator privilege such as root and admin username password.


patulong naman sir may ganyan din ako kaso hnd ako maka connect wala syang masagap na frequency anu po bang dapat kong gawin??? gusto ko nga po sanang pasukin ung admin kaso hnd ko alam ung username at password ng admin pa help naman po sir

@markpee :

Cge Bro PM me para ma ayos yung OX230 mo.

sir nag pm na ko patulong naman ung web gui nyan? tsaka anu pong admin password?

@markpee :

PM sent to your email address please check your email.

sir ano po admi/pass ng administrator account?

@AndreiJazz Banal :

PM me if interested.

dude pasend ng default password asap lang


PM sent to yor email address please check your inbox.

Dear Jonathan,
Could you send me the admin or root password at

Thanks in advance.

@mohammad hasan :

PM sent to your email please check your inbox. Proves that myBRO OX230 being unlock so that you can do what ever you wanted to do to your myBRO.

sir ganyan din probs lng access ko sa GUi ng mybro ko ..gusto ko sana mareconnect need daw e downgrade ang firmware ang probs ko limited lang mga menu sa GUI... di ko madowngrade sir tulong po...

sir pa link naman ng fw ng GP ex 230 plss..

@ jun ; Mai Hime :

PM me for more details

Sir. . pa PM naman. .

hindi ko na ma-access ang Smart Bro Gui ko
ano ang dapat gawin?

sir pa pm din po ako.. ..salamat po..

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