Dec 31, 2013

Green Packet OX230 : How-To Unlock myBRO Plan 1299

My nephew myBRO Plan1299 will debut its first year this coming January 2014 since it has been installed by the SmartBro technician on the roof of my sister in-laws house here in our city. It came to my attention everytime I used the net on their residence that the Green Packet OX230 aka myBRO Plan1299 wireless broadband modem router is just left open to the public network and anybody can just manipulate the device by using the default username and password as "smart" without the quote. People from the outside can just sniff onto their CPE, it can also reboot remotely, restart and not only that but the worst thing is that intruder can just upload bad firmware that will bricked the 4G WiMAX wireless modem router resulting the myBRO Green Packet OX230 outdoor unit become unusable.

From the screenshot above this is the internal graphical user interface (gui) of the myBRO 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem router. The Green Packet OX230 outdoor unit is using a customized Smart/PLDT firmware, the Main Menu are very limited for the subscribers this has been totally restricted from being altered such as the settings, configurations and most of all to protect the device from the users who has a lingerie mindset. Thanks for their concerned it is the Smart/PLDT ISPs advantages to their customer but the downside to their client is very negative.

Taking a look closely to the ports that has been exposed on to the public and here's the result. Port 22 is well known to SSH, 80 and 443 is for HTTP and HTTPS with same credential you can log onto this OX230 Green Packet outdoor unit aka myBRO. Wait! Another user account is guest that has same privilege that can also manipulate this device? Wow! The bad thing really is on port9000 is for Redboot> without any username and password Netizen who has dirtyhand can wipe out the entire flash memory of this CPE. Behold! Hopefully I can help you unlock your myBRO OX230 Green Packet.

The result of after unlocking my nephew 2Mbps myBRO Plan 1299 aka Green Packet OX230, you will noticed that comparing from the first screenshot above, the Main Menus are now all visible. There are no more restriction given, you can set you own settings, modify your configurations. You can now even personalized your own password and even your username is more than possible.

Problem with your myBRO OX230 outdoor unit 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem router ports are being open to the public? Verily now you can close it, select which ports you wanted to be open.

Hopefully this thread will help you protect your myBRO Green Packet OX230 outdoor unit (ODU) being exploited anonymously. Feel free to comment  on my box, if you need my service this can be done remotely. Email me, my contact number is just on the right to the menu. Enjoy!


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@nickhoorn :

Sure no problem I can unlock any WiMAX from Green Packet such as myBRO DV235/230, EX235/230 likewise the outdoor unit OX230 for more info email

Hi sir tanong ko lng po kung magkno mybro hacked unit nyo ung gagamitin nlng tnx

@Silver Rose :

PM 09358849421

Pa pm boss 09482943533

pa pm naman boss

What is the admin / password for the ox-230? The mt7109/wimax and admin/admin published on other sites don't work anymore.

@Cita :

I can't locate your number.

the default username password is just the same, unless it is modified by someone, the solution it to unlock it or reflashed it.

if you are still active and doing this please email me back at thank you

sir paturo naman kung pano unloack :)

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