Dec 16, 2013

myBRO To Globe : How-To Configure Green Packet DV-235T

On my previous post I have written on How-To upgrade the myBRO DV-235T of Green Packet to the Stock Firmware. Today, I wanted to share to my beloved guest, commenters and visitors on How-To configure the Green Packet DV235T aka myBRO to be able to hook it to Globe network. This experiment is not an exploit or an ethical but only for Educational purposes only.

The myBRO DV235T Green Packet 4G WiMAX wireless modem router that is built-in with WLAN b/g that you can find on forums, online store, is a Smart/PLDT WiMAX CPE with customized firmware supplied by Green Packet Berhad, Malaysia the manufacturer.

Here's how to DIY, first you must have to update the myBRO DV-235T to the Green Packet stock firmware aka (web_update-2_3G-v2.10.14-g1.0.4-gp.tar), if you don't have the firmware, download it before you proceed to this guide. Once you have updated your myBRO to the stock firmware then you are now ready to do this stuff.

On your myBRO DV235T graphical user interface (gui) you will see the WiMAX Menu on  top of it, on the left Sub-Menu click the Scanner button to be able for you to edit/configure/input the Globe Telco 4G WiMAX ISP frequency just follow the screenshot above.

Next step is setting up the correct Username, Password and the Identity, this is just identical to Huawei 4G WiMAX wireless modem router CPE same thing you will do on this Authentication, except the issue here is the length of the Username character is limited to "maxlength=32". Meaning the is not possible to be place or to be input on the given space provided. The trick to be able to expand the "maxlength=32", just point your mouse on your myBRO DV-235T gui then right-click you will be prompted with Inspect element (Q) by then you can now edit to what ever maxlength=?  you will wish as you have notice the above grabbed image. Hopefully you will now able to input your 34 character (

There you are, your is now on its placed! On the below Option just tick the Auto Prepend Auto Mode and the Ignore Cert Verification. By the way you must not forget to click also the Apply button on every changes you have made to save your works.

Opps! we are not done yet, open your putty or telnet, you must use the this following command below to be successfully your myBRO DV-235T can enter the Globe Telco ISP network.

enable enter
router enter
wan mac (your mac address) enter
commit enter
exit enter
reboot enter

It only proves that myBRO DV-235T of Green Packet 4G WiMAX wireless broadband modem router CPE can be use on Globe Telco ISP. This tweaks can be found on Google, Forums and other popular blogs. Its not my intention to alter or deform this device, since the stock firmware can just be download anywhere and it is being seeded on different mirror sites don't flame on me about this stuff.

Feel free to use this article for your educational used, I do not guarantee or warranty if your device/CPE will get bricked. Enjoy!


Informative article.. and I guess you are right that this article is for educational purposes. In fact, it is quite challenging to a noob like me. But the thing is, I'm not an IT nor a programmer. I tried and follow your instruction on this. The only problem I've encountered is to how can I save the edited atrribute permanently? I hope you can help me with this.. thank you in advance.

@Dimoko Quilala :

If that is the case then just PM me via this #09358849421, to stop your hair from pulling I can do it remotely via Teamviewer. Btw you must have a wifi(internet) connection.

sir, could you please help me with regards to this article? i already updated my dv235t to its stock firmware. when i login to the new gui (green packet instead of smartbro), only four main menus are available, STATUS, PERSONALIZATION, NETWORKING, MANAGEMENT. i'd like to change the isp from smart to globe but there is no wimax menu.

@Jose Mari Castro :

Everything is possible Bro. just email me I will fix your myBRO.

@rj raymundo :

sir goodevening ive just followed your tutorial on how to change the mac of my bro to globe my problem is were to find a working mac adress for globe

hope you could help me with this problem

thank you for your tutorial sir

# PM sent to your email please check your inbox.

good day, sir.. is there a list of MyBro coverage/area?.. thanks.. I have a unit from davao from my friend but already disconnected.. Is it possible here in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat..

@Norman Simbajon :

good day, sir.. is there a list of MyBro coverage/area?.. thanks.. I have a unit from davao from my friend but already disconnected.. Is it possible here in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat..

# What I have known all Town, Cities and most part of the provinces already covered by Smart/PLDT 4G WIMAX, If you are really wanted to be sure I can remote your PC/Lappy and plug your disconnected myBRO I will check if your area are covered by 4G of Smart/PLDT likewise by Globe telco also.

hi sir...super bagal ng mybro po nmin dto sa pangasinan...gsto ko po sna i-try ung tutorial nio i know how to do this tutorial kso po di nman ako mashado techie natatakot ako..can u help me po? mejo 1 year na po kme nahihirapan sa smart na to..hehehe! ngaun gnamit nmin sa maliit na bix itong mybro kso tuwing lunchtime gang gabi ang bagal po... thanks in advance!

Hi sir jonathan. Im Homer. Sir, nagemail po ako sa inyo about sa problem ng mybro ko. please help me sir. di ko po kasi talaga mareconnect. tinakbuhan po kasi ako nung seller nung unit. salamat sir.

@Rochelle Pantaleon :

Welcoem, salamat sa tiwala.

@Homer Orca :

Di ko makita email mo Bro, FB 09358849421

Hello po, diba globe connected na po yung modem, pano po ibalik sa smart connection yung modem? salamat.

@imbu rais :

PM me FB 09358849421

Hi sir jonathan pwede bang makahingi nang green packet dv235t firmware. salamat po.

@RJ Franc :

PM sent to your email address please check your inbox.

sir, i share the same concern as rj raymundo, only that i was able to obtain some mac addresses. but when i go to, no user/password lets me the mac changer i have downloaded had become of no use. any ideas po?

@Erme Labayog :

Repairable naman yan Bro kahit via remote, you can PM me kung interested ka mafix ang issue na yan.

Sir pahingi po ng firmware na version .07gp na update po kasi yung sakin sa v08..
tska pano po pala yung sa password ano po ilalagay dun after makapag generate ng user name sir? thanks po

@ Gian :

Sorry no valid email address found sending file fail.

Sir... Same pa rin ba yung number nyo? tatawagan ko ho kau para ho magpatulong dun sa myBro ko :)

boss panu adjust yung wifi hindi kaya ng malayo kailangan katabi lng yung modem para magamit

sir pa help nman po mahack tong mybro ko.. kaka disconnect lng po last friday, ung sakin po kc dating .07 version biglang nag update sya dati naging 8. may chance pa po b toh, pa elp po willing po ako pay in return..

pwede po conttact me s FB e2 po fb account ko

need ko po help mo, thanks po

Hi sir jonathan pwede bang makahingi nang green packet dv235t firmware. saka po pla me posibilidad po b na masira modem dyan?. salamat po. din po ako boss...tnx and God Bless!
firmware 1.0.7 gp

Hello sir.. you mean dv235t can not catch the globe frequency without tweak? Can u send me firmware also?


pa help po gusto ko po palitan yung password po ng wifi ko po pero po wala po internet gusto ko lang po mag connect sa wifi nareset ko na din po pero wala naman po nag bago yung wifi name ganun padn hindi po sya nag balik sa dati po

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