Feb 5, 2013

Hiren’s BootCD from USB Flash Drive

To launch Hiren’s BootCD from USB flash drive, first of all, your BIOS settings should be configured in order to change the boot order of your computer to USB drive. If you are having problem on changing boot order in BIOS, please refer Change the Boot Order in BIOS document. Please note that some computers may not support booting from USB drive and the steps below only works for the versions of Hiren’s BootCD 9.7 or newer.

Step1: Formating USB Flash Drive

Please note that, all data on your usb flash drive will be lost. Before doing this step, don’t forget to backup your files on the usb flash drive.
  • Connect a 512 MB or above flash drive.
  • Download and run USB Disk Storage Format (34 KB). Follow the steps in the screenshots below:

Step2: Installing Grub4Dos to USB Flash Drive
  • Download grub4dos.zip (187 KB) to desktop. Follow the steps below:
  • Right click to the zip file and click 'Extract All...'
  • Click Next
  • Click Next to extract archive contents
  • Click Finish
Now open ‘grub4dos’ folder created on your desktop. Run ‘grubinst_gui.exe’ inside of grub4dos folder and follow the steps below:

  • Run grub4dos
  • Click 'Run' on if you face with a Security Warning window
  • you are not sure which disk is your USB Flash Drive, select the drive with the same size with your USB flash drive.
  • Installation of grub4dos completed. Press Enter to close the window.
Step3: Copy Files to USB Flash Drive
  • Put Hiren’s BootCD (9.7 or newer) into the CD Drive.
  • Copy everything from CD to USB Flash Drive.
  • Copy grldr and menu.lst (from HBCD folder of the CD) to the usb drive’s root folder. Finally contents of your USB Flash Drive should look like as below:
  • Final View of USB Flash Drive Contents
Troubleshoot, Please check FAQ page for the frequently asked questions.


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